The Sandbox: Episode 1, Off Topic

Welcome to the very first episode of The Sandbox. This episode we cover the basic introductions of ourselves, what we play, and how we got started in MMOs. We also talk a little about Darkfall, ArcheAge, Mortal Online, all while trying unsuccessfully to stay on topic.


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43 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 1, Off Topic

  1. Yak

    Listening to your cast, just had to before heading into the office. I am loving it so far. I am glad you are focusing on other Sandbox MMO’s, then DFO. I wish I could find a good sandbox MMO that I like. I will give more feedback once I get through your show. Fuck, I might have to try EVE now. Let me know if you get iTunes working and how you did. I could not get my iTunes to update and gave up for now!

  2. Kalari

    Nice show guys was fun to hear your opinions and look forward to hearing more casts. Still not a big sandbox type but it was nice to hear your take on the different ones and why you like them.

  3. Yak

    Guys, great fucking cast! You are my favorite podcast now! Shhhhhh, don’t tell Ryan or Kalari, LOL. My only complaint is that I wasn’t there to join in on the fun. I am so glad that you focusing on Sandbox and the other kind of games I want to learn more about! I need to join the Dark Hand as it sounds like a cool group of dudes. Here is my only criticism. It annoyed the hell out of me to have a song in the middle of your cast, kinda disrupted the flow. I love your into song but my suggestion would be to have ether a funny fake or a real commercial or a skit instead. I am looking forward to your second show!

  4. Quint

    Glad to see the comments coming in. Know that good things are on the way, including a new and improved mic for yours truly. Sorry about all the muffling seriously had no idea my mic sounded that bad haha!

  5. Recon

    Hey noobs I just found this, nice work.

    Dawntide, I been playing that since Alpa, everything in the game , is still rough but there are not releasing until its done right, unlike ER, and the other sandbox’s, err ER…. Anyways the thing that I hate about Dawntide is the combat , it sucks, I build many ships and housing in dawntide. I think its one of the better housing out there and the crafting is fun.

    You know me if you ever need info on any games hollar.

    1. Quint

      i think Cam means a printed out script of what we said in the podcast. Dont worry Cam Wretched is workin on it so it should be done in oh…. a year or so haha jk. No transcripts just be sneaky in the office with the ipod =)

  6. Kerrigan

    Great show guys. Absolutely loved it
    Listening to your pddcast made me want to return to Dawntide :p
    BTW, where can I send any of you a pm? I know a game you might want to check out.
    Keep up the good work and can’t wait for the next pod

  7. Ryan

    Great cast! Had me laughing:

    – RE Eve: Coolit –> ” I should love that game, but..” Hearing it in context was funny. While I’ve never played Eve, I’ve had the same thought. haha!
    – “…I’ve been playing some iPad games. Now you know what kind of gamers we are.”
    – “…doing family time, watching tv.”
    – “First thing I want to talk about is Earthrise.” {followed by laughter}
    – RE dislike of anime “And the cute fuckers with the big eyes.”
    – dfo mobs kiting Quint.
    – wretched sharing dial up with his brother… reminds me of when my bro and I were playing UO… we 4 way split that shit.

    About Rift “shinies”. We called them “Candy”, and yeah, I agree with Quint, that if feels like Rift just didnt get it right.

    Razor needs to punk down for some commercial time! You all endorsed the Naga, nice. Love mine too.

    @Coolit, is that you shredding the guitar and vocals?

    RE SB, I believe Wolfpack developed and Ubi published.

    Don’t tell Yak that I’m going to sell his site.

  8. Ryan

    RE the Age of Conan loot dilemma you guys discussed… here’s the right answer… the game fucking blows, so there is no right answer for looting. Some games are able to be enhanced, but with all the zones and given the game flow, I just dont see a good solution. I used to force myself to log in to that game.

  9. Quint

    @Ryan your comment about splitting 56k internet is awesome haha i used to play uo like that while my brother was on eq it was horrible

  10. Rawrr

    Awesome guys.

    Regarding the free server legal side of things, I believe the private servers are infact legal, like it was said as long as they don’t make money from it and the player also has to have brought a copy of the actual game.
    Am sure there are other things but ya.

  11. Recon

    sorry coolit, my name is Darkcrystal, recon, seldris, on DT, I have not played lately as school is picking up, as i’m in animation class and it is not easy. So it takes most of my time up, also learning UDK and unity friend of mine and a few others have been making a western and that keeps me busy now.

    I plan to play in DT come release and our guild. We do have a few in our guild that still play.


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