The Sandbox: Episode 2, The Dawntide Interview.

This episode we cover changes to Darkfall, AOC new hardcore server, Planetside 2 announcement and a special interview with the creator of Dawntide.


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45 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 2, The Dawntide Interview.

  1. Quint

    im doin it. im the lame guy who throws down the first comment on his own show but god damnit this episode is great =)

  2. Negs

    Yup, Game of Thrones is the shit. If you like to read, I would recommend the books too – A Song of Ice and Fire series. Good interview too, btw. And no, I didn’t hear any child or distractions in the background. :p

  3. Yak

    At the 24 minute mark. The new DFO sounds exciting. My biggest issue with any game is the hackers, macros, and the grind to be competitive. Also, they need to lower the price on their game as well. If they really want more new people they shouldn’t charge more then 20 bucks for the base game.

  4. Coolit Post author

    @ Yak
    The hackers and macros is why I would love to see a wipe, the meditations feature has for the most part fixed it. As for the price, why only $20? Most shitty xbox games go for $60 and only have 20 hours of entertainment. I have easily 500 hours into DFO, and for the price of one night at a bar (plus the monthly). Anyone who complains about the box price or the sub price of their main mmo needs to consider if they should play games or work on getting a better job. I worked on a career that supports myself and my family before I felt comfortable pumping so many hours into video games.

  5. Yak

    At the 45 minute mark. You hit a sore spot with me by bringing up SOE. I was very excited about Planet Side 2 until I found out that SOE is the publisher. Sony has fucked up royally every single MMO that they have ever put out. They totally fucked up the progression server for EQ1 and with the hacking thing was the final straw. Also, I don’t get excited about MMO’s coming out anymore until they are out with a trial or people I know play them. I have yet to find an MMO they didn’t lie and lived up to the expectations when it comes to release date. You guys should check out Killing Floor is a co-op 3rd person shooter. Steam was having major sales and it was one of them. I love buy to play games that have multi-player online capabilities. Maybe, if Sony killed off all their games and just focused on the new Planet Side, maybe. I think that I will wait a while to see how badly SOE fucks this game before I go to play it. Also, a few times I was able to log in with in the last week or so to DHV for Team Speak, no one was on. Gota, love schedule conflicts, hehehehehe. EQ Next is Sony’s last hope, as I see everything of theirs going F2P or just dying as they should. I think that EQ Next won’t see the light of day for at least 2 more years. If it comes out sooner, then it will be rushed. I am also so sick of every fucken MMO company saying “their” game is revolutionary, a game changer. Those have all been lies, just like the politicians, hehehe. Right now I am having a blast with 3rd person shooters until someone can make even a decent MMO. Guild Wars 2 look promising but again not getting my hopes up.

    1. Professer

      Yak, USE PARAGRAPHS and complete sentences please. You just like type out a nonstop train of thought that’s rather sporadic and isn’t really pleasurable to follow. Organize em up a bit more with at least a couple breaks in text.

      And Now now, lets not make the common mistake that our opinions on the happenings of the MMO industry are all fact 😉 I hate SOE more than the next guy, but I still play the good games they have left. Currently playing Vanguard/Planetside/EQ1/SWG(for now) myself.

      And Yak why are you supprised that Planetside 2 is being published by SOE? I mean, they own the rights to the game and they developed/published the original Planetside…. and since you’re so familiar with SOE’s antics, wouldn’t you know that they’d never give up one of their own games, no matter what?

      I mean, thats the only reason half their games are still around. Other than EQ2 and all their ‘next’ projects/PS3 MMOs, their games are old ass games that aren’t very popular anymore. SOE’s never willing to kill one of its own cash cows, even on its last leg.

  6. Yak

    @Cool I hear man. I think there are a lot of people in the same boat as me that can’t take the chance to shell out 50 bucks for a game that I may not even like is the issue. Trials don’t always do it justice. I do agree that for FPS, mouse and keyboard is the only way to go!

  7. Coolit Post author

    Your always welcome, Bro!

    I am almost always on Dark Hand of Valor Team Speak after 8pm pst every night except Tuesdays. The past few weekends have been crazy BBQ hopping and I have one more next Saturday but otherwise join in on the conversation. I mostly jump in a channel when I play games and people come and go.

  8. Kalari

    Loving this show freaking DCU disappointed me even after I got a xbox controller for it I may look at it again after they get the mega servers but I got done with it cause no one was playing. Hope it comes back it was the first mmo I actually enjoyed the pvp aspects for.

    1. Quint

      Yeah I agree the combat system in DCUO works so well for pvp. I really hope that game can bounce back with the Mega servers.

  9. Nateryl

    Anyone else getting wierd stops to the podcast while listening? I grabbed it on my ipod from itunes. I would have to restart the episode a few times and get past a particular spot. With that aside though, I am really loving this new podcast. While I pretty much just stick to Eve this is awesome to listen to a show that is covering the types of games I enjoy the most.

    1. Quint

      Thanks for listening. Also I’m not sure about the show freezing thing I will put it on my iPod tonight and see if it happens to me as well.

  10. Ryan

    Guys, DFO had me confused too as to whether I wanted to continue playing for now; however, it appears that your current toon will not be wiped, and will enjoy the “re-launch”.

  11. Ryan

    *** You guys read the quote… so what I said, above, is extrapolation on my part. All I know, is that they better have 20 spawn in points. Otherwise we will experience launch all over again :O

  12. Ryan

    @Coolit: The more I think on it, the more I’m inclined to agree with you. You made some good points in the cast. Personally, I fear no wipe… like Quint remarked, there’s a lot to be said for the land rush. I still want to play though… need to work my basic pvp skills. You down for that?

  13. luciusETRUR

    @yak – SOE has made a lot of bad decisions over the years.. considering I played EQ in 2003 and SWG afterwards. I can’t go back to either of those games without wanting to punch Smedley in the face.

    EQ2 and DCUO have been horrible creations in my opinion and I think SOE is a honest company that just gets a bad wrap. The EQ moves were done to salvage the game on the future and get more people to buy their evergrowing expansions and EQ2 was meant to compete with WoW, I can’t really fault them there.

    SWG CU and NGE were meant as well, to try and have the same success as WoW, but to be fair, who knows what Lucas Arts said to SOE? Fact is, they won’t renew the license and look at The Old Republic is. More of the same.

    SOE is making a seamless world for both Planet Side 2 and EverQuest Next. It appears they are going back to what made them successful in 1999-2004 and away from where the money deluded their thoughts. SOE has fallen on bad times in reputation, in sales and in quality. There is no reason to hate an honest company, though. They saved Matrix Online and Vanguard for what purpose? They said they’d never close an MMO unless they had to.. the fact Vanguard still exists today is a testament to that.

    I have so much respect for Smedley, because despite his awful reputation he perseveres and does things that no one appreciates and even canceled a game they were driving (Agency) to go with the new direction he wants his company to go.

  14. Yak

    Ok, all I am calling it now! Planet Side 2 is going to be an Epic fail. Just like a peedo Sony has a dark and twisted track record. Honestly, to say that they heave actually learned their lesson is bull shit. Otherwise they would have 3 MMO’s ago. Sony is not an honest company, none of them are!

  15. Coolit Post author

    Are you wearing a tin foil hat? Decisions are made by companies for lots of different reasons. I could give a shit which company does what. If the games are good we will know and if not don’t play them. We don’t play the company we play the game.
    If your so sure Planetside 2 will suck, swear right now you will never play it.
    I think it will be awesome and will buy it no matter what the reviews or first impressions are. I would have played DFO at launch if I wasn’t stupid and listened to naysayers.

  16. luciusETRUR

    I think that not just SOE but a lot of these companies had these games in development. The sales have not been good in terms of a long-term project which is what MMOs are at the end of the day.

    This idea of replicating point-and-click, mass pve, soulbound, no-drop loot or even pvp based around that hasn’t worked for a lot of companies. WoW and EQ are the only ones in the Western market to be successful at this point and I think all the games that were fleshed out of the WoW-syndrome if you want to call it that are all about to be released or released.

    A new development cycle is on the horizon, and that excites me.

  17. Quint

    Concerning the darkfall character wipe, I’m almost feeling like they are gonna be changing the skill system in the game so much that they won’t necessarily have to wipe the characters. However I do feel there’ll is going to be some sort of aggressive respeccing of character skill sets. Sort of like if they go from darkfalls current system to say mortal onlines. You wouldn’t wipe your toon but your current skills pretty much cannot work the way the game is built. You guys know what I mean?

  18. SandboxFan

    seriously, if they even thought about wipes the game is definitely gonna have some major changes… at least in terms of gameplay w/skills and balancing.

    I’ll definitely be resubscribing, there really isnt anything else out like DFO. though I hear MO and Earthrise have had some recent major ‘expansions’ (really patches) released that supposedly makes there games better…

  19. Kalari

    Dudes wanted to come back and say I loved the special interview to its nice to see a developer and head of a game who cares about the game so much and plays. I am loving your show and look forward to future episodes.


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