The Sandbox: Episode 4,The Life is Feudal Interview

In this mega episode we cover:

  • What we’ve been playing
  • Special Guest Rer from
  • Crazy Eve stories w/ Rer
  • Elderscrolls Skyrim  CE $150
  • North Korea WTF
  • Diablo 3 RMT
  • Interview with creator of Life is Feudal !!


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29 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 4,The Life is Feudal Interview

  1. Ryan

    Had me laughing:
    “sorry, i got a text, I had to read it of course” – coolit
    “That sounds awesome… if it was in a different game.” -coolit

    loved the public service announcement.

    “seems like you cant turn around without a new mmo.” -coolit <– true… I'd like to say that's good news, but the fact is so many are clones and seems to just suck population from good games.

    RE earth and beyond… I remember that. didnt know it ever released. Thought there was some scam and they shutdown.

    RE d3, I think I'm into the IRL $ auction. I find it an added dimension to the fun.

  2. luciusETRUR

    @Coolit – I think Torchlight II is supposed to be a more complex game, Torchlight was their first title and meant to be a building block. Former Blizzard North developers are part of their team (who made Diablo II).

    To me Diablo III is like Call of Duty now. It’s going to have a lot of money, will be polished, but their will just be decisions that are just not popular and beyond crazy.

    I’ll probably end up getting both, but I see myself playing Torchlight II more.

    1. Quint

      Thanks for coming on man. Your Eve stories were great. Also did you hear about the most recent scandal on Eve? Something like $51,600 real world money worth of isk got jacked?

  3. Recon

    Hey guys have you seen grim lands..

    I been testing this and so far, i’m impressed.

    I know you guys do stuff on sandbox’s and this is a new one coming out.

    Also did you know dawntide is releasing OCT1 2011.. Lifetime sub is 120.00 around, I will be there and buying the lifetime.

    I been playing ER a bit still and enjoying it working on T10 armor! We are on a new TS so if you ever want the info, wretched knows how to find me on my forums. Later, nice cast by the way.

  4. Recon

    Coolit you can program an anti spam here if you need help let me know, my guild has a pod cast as well, they mostly do RTS’s, but I set one up for them that way you never have to worry about them .

  5. Coolit Post author


    I am super stoked about Grim Lands. Are you under NDA for the beta, I would love to have you on and talk about it. How did you get into beta? I’ve been on there mailing list for a while. If you come across an extra key let me know.

    I’m a little worried about Dawntide, Unless there is a mega patch coming this month I don’t see it being ready for launch. We all know how those mega patches go… lol
    I’m back to Darkfall for now. I still like ER but not enough to drag me away from Darkfall.

  6. Yak

    @Coolit you are always super stoked about every MMO that ever comes out. LMAO I don’t expect anything, that way you won’t be disappointed. If the MMO does deliver then you will be super surprised and it will be super happy fun time! As far as Dawntide a Sandbox MMO that is tab target = fail.

  7. Coolit Post author

    I’m not always stoked, but this one has a lot of features I like. As a kid one of my favorite movies was the Road Warrior. I hope Grimlands captures some of the same feel.

  8. Kalari

    Listening to the cast while cleaning up my house another good show guys. That interview had me smiling that guys accent reminds me of Swissgar for some reason. Listening to your show is helping me keep my mind off things.

  9. Recon

    Yes i’m under an NDA, far as earthrise, with the population getting bigger PVP is more fun and terrirory warfare has gotten better and fun, I can’t wait for mounts there on the way.

    Dawntide is having a patch for the combat , thats what i’m worried about but the crafting, has been ready, the building aspects , ship building is ready and has been ready.

    I think there releasing to soon but it is over due in beta for a long time as I was in closed beta when it was 10 people or so.

    Grim lands I got into beta the same way I get into all my beta’s work/school. I will see if I can get an extra’s. IF I do I can hook you up.

  10. Recon

    Forgot to add ya dawntide always bothered me with the tab targetting, and we keep telling them bad idea, but w/e, I have always wished they switch it, everything else I enjoy, I still plan to play it, and it has a decent following so, I will still buy the lifetime can’t beat 120 bucks. thats nothing, I bought 3 collectors of SWTOR lol!! 150 a pop just for the game.

  11. Blockhead

    Only listened to 1 and 2, kinda forgot about this cast lol, maybe yak is sending out subliminal messages telling his listener’s to forget about all other casts, grabbing 3 and 4 now.

  12. OldZero

    Aw man, i just descovered this website today, i listened to this podcast and loved it. I play and tried alot of MMORPGs but i will say this. I played the trail of EVE like 2 years ago, it was alright but i never touched it again. But that story you guys had about eve with the fright ships was so crazy i want to try EVE one more time. Nice podcaast


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