The Sandbox: Episode 5, The Origins of Malu Interview.

In this episode we cover:

  • What we’ve been playing
  • Wretched Return
  • Darkfall 2.0
  • Games we want to play.
  • Interview with creators of Origins of Malu.


45 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 5, The Origins of Malu Interview.

  1. Yak

    Next Cast I want to do a mega cast with you guys and my guys. I want to talk about how GW2 is going to beat the crap out of any MMO coming out. I want to talk about the lack of polish of Sandbox MMO’s. Why their will never be a good Sandbox MMO.

  2. Yak

    Guys, for real? Dawntide is so fucken broken! The combat is horrible. It’s like the creatures or cows that I fought had to hit box. Another fail Sandbox game, the freedom to build crap and have it all be pointless.

  3. Blockhead

    GA in here too, excellent! Still have sb4 to listen to first, will do after i listen to Yaks #50.

    I’m in podcast heaven here, thanks guys, probably should throw out a Special Thanks to Ryan, maybe i should listen to his cast someday.

    “If only Yak would only remove those subliminal messages about his cast being the only one.”

  4. Yak

    With all do respect Coolit, you don’t understand how an economy works in an MMO. If you don’t have an auction house or something like it then a player driven game is a fail. End of story and if you have to defend it then you don’t get it. You need to make it easy for players to sell their goods and set a stand price. Local AH’s would be so awesome and fit into any game! When Vanguard did this it was awesome to farm gear and resources in one area and sell it for more in another. Having the farmer’s market style of selling in MMO’s just doesn’t work!

  5. Coolit Post author

    @yak With all due respect Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak .

  6. Yak

    I want to guy a mega cast with my people and your people! It’s fun to see Coolit get flustered and confused! LMAO

  7. Recon

    Dawntide is a good game , but the combat is bad I have said since closed beta for them to fix/change it, but some of the idiot follwers wanted point and click, point and click is fine, but atleast get it close to AOC, or something like is fast pace not screwed up like it is.

    There animation’s need help as well, there AI is messed up, but there AI has no aggro range meaning they chase you for ever on purpose, I’m not sure why they have yet taken that off as they used it for some sort of testing.

    But I guess we will see. One game I been having a blast with is AGE of Empires online . I was in the beta and I bought a premium pack for it. which was 20 bucks, I played all the old ones, and loved it as well. You can play that for free as well.

    Its an RTS/mmo twist is what I call it as it has some aspects of both.

    Far as Darkfall 2.0, I bet will be vapor ware, if its not I bet its a mess. AV is a crappy company, yes they have awesome combat and AI, but most eveyrthing else blows, I think Dawntide and AV should get together.

  8. Yak

    @Recon WTF vapor ware? I have never heard that term! Why is GW2 trash? Saying a game is bad with no reason is just retarded!

  9. Quint

    @Recon i disagree that Darkfall 2.0 is going to be vaporware simply based on the fact that they knew if they announced it they would lose a massive amount of players from Darkfall 1.0 and they went ahead and announced it. if it wasnt a for sure thing why would they risk that loss of business for no reason.

    and @Yak he did give his reason for why he thinks GW2 is trash. hes in the beta and said that its mainly all graphics, which i take as all graphics no substance. My experience with GW2 is limited as i only played a very guided demo at comic con but to me it seemed to have deep story elements so who knows.

  10. Yak

    @Quint No, he didn’t say that here. He might have told you but I can’t read his mind, lol. You say who knows? I fucken know! I called in when they first announced HW2 and I stand by what I say that GW2 will be epic. Just because someone doens’t like it doesn’t make it a bad game or trash. Like you said about WOW, it’s not our cup of tea but doesn’t mean it’s a bad game.

    1. Quint

      yea he does say that read his comment “I been beta testing it and Its all graphics. Can’t say much more,”

    2. Quint

      and i agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion hell i loved the green lantern movie most people hated it but i dont really care

    1. Yak

      Tards, he is just saying GW2 is trash with out giving reasons why. Some times I wonder what everyone is smoking. I get that there is an NDA. So he shouldn’t say anything at all.

  11. Coolit Post author

    Recon, can you get me an interview with the Grimlands people? I’m very interested in that game. I know you have an NDA but can you tell me if you think its almost completed?

  12. Nateryl

    Awesome show. My interest in the Origins is definitely peaked and will have to keep an eye on it.

    Glad to see you guys getting into lotro. I got a lifetime account there and it is a great game to load up when I need downtime from Eve Online. Fallen Earth has been scratching that itch lately for me but its been a few weeks since I logged into FE.

    These shoddy releases by devs is really pissing me off. Anyone else get burned by the years worth of hype for Earthrise? You guys gave it more of a fair shake then I ever did. At least with dawntide we all sort of know what to expect since the beta test has been open. Earthrise was behind a curtain until that last beta run. I think us sandbox players are willing to put up with alot shit to get those few great moments too. But damn they really test that.

  13. Recon

    @Quint, Darkfall is already losing people like no tomorrow and if they do a wipe they will lose alot more, I don’t care either way, if its not vaporware great but, they lie so much I don’t trust AV. They are very unprofessional. I do wish them the best and hope they do a good job before they lose there playerbase.,

    @Yak I never said, I didn’t like GW2 , There is alot of games I don’t like, and I find to be well done games, many, You don’t know me being in the game design field I been around enough games to know a good game.

    Just because you want info and people breaking the NDA’s is not gonna happen. So good luck there with the comments. I stand correct GW2 is trash, its all about graphic’s when it hits beta, I will say I told you so, when it releases.

    Oh just because you don’t like combat in dawntide does not make it a bad game, I give any indie credit for making an MMO, as I like to see any one make an MMO, I make small scale games and they are not as easy task.

    Making an MMO is in the near future but it takes alot of your life and skill, and everything else, so I love indie’s period. I dislike DT’s combat as well but many other elements are fun, and I play those games for those other elements that are missing in certain games.

    Gamigo is making grimlands, your more then welcome to ask them . I don’t know them I just test games through work/school which you know.

    I know people at EA, Bioware , Xsyon Dev jordi.and Blizzard a few guys there so if it was them then it would be a different story. Sorry man, but if I talk to any Gm’s soon I will see what I can do for you .

  14. Yak

    @Recon I will step off GW2 for now because of the NDA. It’s not that I don’t like combat. It’s the fact that it’s broken. You can’t hit or lock onto an enemy. There no play control and it is not playable, unless they fix it. Just face that the combat in Dawntide is rboken for now. Just because you are in the “game design field” has no relevance at all. It just says that you are a bigger prick then the rest of us.

  15. Ryan

    @Quint: I prefer a pipe: taste, drag, smell, convenience (not as much waste if you just want a little). Plus others like the smell, unlike cigars. Have any good pipe tobacco recs? (been smoking a pipe off and on since around 25).

    1. Quint

      i just tried out an english blend called Frog Morton On The Town by McClelland, its pretty much become my favorite tobacco ever. in the can it kinda smells like bbq ribs which is weird but it tastes awesome and is fairly light on the vitamin N. as for aromatics im really liking Sherlock Holmes by peterson its pretty good stuff.

  16. Ryan

    One reason SB was so cool back in the day (not free to play… I can’t speak to that) is that it had some nice sandbox elements (building cities, vendors wherever you want, destroy whatever player elements you want, etc), and it had some good pvp for what was around back then.

    Summary of attraction, which was not widely practiced in other mmos when sb released:
    – anywhere pvp
    – full inventory loot
    – build cities, destroy cities
    – varied character customization. choose your archetype, and then create the next god template… allowing many new and experimental versions of gameplay.
    – plus other misc things I’m not thinking.

    Of course, sb had some detractors as well:
    – mass gold dupe
    – exe error… dropped your ass when in the heat of battle
    – shitty customer support
    – laggy zones


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