The Sandbox: Episode 6, Now Even Shorter

In this episode we cover:

  • What we’ve been playing
  • Dawntide Launch
  • Darkfall 2.0
  • Wurm
  • New Ultima Online???
  • Anarchy Online New Graphics Engine

51 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 6, Now Even Shorter

  1. H.Slayer

    Regarding Darkfall:

    Hah the wipe issue is turning into a troll theory made to make people wear better gear or stop playing xD

    I personally dont think they will wipe, instead I believe they will change the game in a way that makes it seem similar to a wipe.

    For example, the gear that favors different playing styles, which basicly forces people to choose a lane or “class” . Magic users being forced to choose one or two schools of magic, etc

    I think these things as a whole will dramaticly change the game.

    Now dont get me wrong, I dont agree with the changes, DFO is fine how it is IMO. If it was up to me I would keep it the same and just do some fine tuning here and there, then just build on it, but thats a different discussion.

    About the loads of people qutting on NA, are you sure they arent just moving to the EU server?

    Since the last couple of days I have seen an influx of Americans on EU.
    Even on the forums, theres always someone from NA asking if EU is active and if they should transfer over.

    Besides that, been enjoying the casts and look forward to the next.


  2. Yak

    Here is the problem with MMO’s like Ultima and EQ. It was great and innovative for their time. However, they will really need to raise the bar.

    1. Quint

      Christ Yak take a laxative and relax(yes i meant laxative) its not our intention to report the news verbatim. we simply discuss things we read hear or play for fun and entertainment. also if you note i explicitly say i read it somewhere and i dont know if i read it wrong but thats what i took from it. if you are looking to our show to provide you with facts and news please look elsewhere. also point taken and let all mention of GW2 private servers be stricken from all record everywhere, so says yak.

  3. Yak

    @Coolit I find it interesting that the main thing you care about in an MMO is crafting building, etc. Me, I am more focused on advancing my character. Crafting is fun for gear but I enjoy playing the game it’s self.

  4. Yak

    The problem is that “you Sandbox guys” continue to support broken games, such and Dawntide. The DEV’s know that people will play a sandbox regardless how how broken it is. They always claim to fix it and you guys fall for it. Why would companies strive to make a better Sandbox game when you guys will settle for an broken game, as long as you can chop trees. Gamers should unite not give these companies a dime until their bugs are fixed, to the point where the game is playable.

  5. Trekkan

    The problem is, you only want people to unite when they agree with what you want. Otherwise, they are stupid, haven’t done “research”, haven’t played enough, etc.

    Why don’t you unite and help those that like to chop trees, etc?

    If you don’t like chopping trees, don’t do it.

    If you don’t like games that are “broken”, don’t play them.

    These smaller companies are NOT preventing games like GW2, SWTOR, etc from being developed.

    The only bullshit I see ANYONE spewing is coming from you, because you can’t accept that someone else has a differing opinion than your own.

  6. Yak

    @Trekkan When someone has faulty logic with out doing their research, I will always point it out! I am not going to let someone get away with spewing bullshit, when they are clueless. I don’t play the games that are broken and never said that I did. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if that opinion is misguided. I draw the line when someone gives their opinion as fact. Sorry your tactic of going off topic and sucking me into the Trekkan vortex won’t work!

  7. Trekkan

    @Yak, I wasn’t aware I had a vortex, pretty sweet actually.

    And, I’m not sure how my post was any more “off topic” than yours would be.

    Seriously, you’ve become someone not in any way worth replying to anymore based on other threads, etc. I’m pretty much done. I’m sure you’ll call this a “victory” of some sorts, I’m ok with that though. Have fun living in your own fantasy land of “Yak is always right” and trolling every possible thing you can.


  8. Yak

    @Trekkan You just keep proving my point that you are full of bullshit. You just talk smack for shock value. You never make any sense and keep digging your self a wider hole, every time to speak. When I call you out on making up crap, then all you do is pussy out and say you are finished. I agree with you on that, as arguing is clearly not your strong suite.

  9. Nateryl

    Yak has a good point about playing these buggy games. I felt so burned by Earthrise that I had the same opinion for awhile. Why give these guys cash for crap. But, the alternative is that the highly polished games are just no fun for me. I have pretty much dove into Eve the past few years since it is a well made sandbox game. But I’ve yet to find that solid avatar based sandbox mmo.

    Oh and about perpetuum. Keep with it for a month at least Coolit. I dont regret the time I gave that game at all. Those guys are doing amazing things. Get in with a beta island corp like CIR and go blow shit up. While it is alot like eve the combat is much more engaging and the WASD controls is what sets itself apart from Eve really. Many people that cant stand eve fall in love with perpetuum. Yet it is similar enough to give Eve vets a good alternative. In the end I just saw no point in staying subbed to both eve and perpetuum and I chose the game with more content.

  10. recon

    Games, like Earthrise, Mortal online, dawntide, etc is all broken games, I agree for once with Yak, but what else is out there??? Nothing WOW clones, Games I already started are made by companys that do not have the money nor the backing that an AAA does, so we are gonna continue to see issues with indies producing buggy games.

    The reason I know I play Danwtide, ER, is because I hate the typical WOW clones, its annoying to play and not worth my money, but Danwtide is worth the money because if you can’t afford to give them 13 dollars a month or$ 120 bucks for a lifetime sub then you should not be gaming. I also like to support these games as I want them to do better, being in game design and into making smaller scale games, I know what it takes to make a game like Danwtide , earthrise.

    What gets me is people bash indies for bad releases, and continue to say there still bad, I had someone the other day claim earthrise is still laggy, well earthrise has nto had log issues in a months.. Besides one town, they added 100 NPC’s which they are removing.

    I have a great time in games like DT, ER, there is nothing else like it, spite there flaws, and such, I can deal with it, I don’t whine about the smallest bit of lag or bugs that I come across, I report them and move on. If the game ha s agreat concept and I like where the devs are headed I support them

    Look at Xsyon I will support Jordi, even though the game has no content as I like how he talks to us and bust’s his ass on the game. Also he is one of few devs you can talk to by email, and other ways, most devs would not even give you the time of day.

    Far as GW2, ROFL…

  11. recon

    The reason indie’s keep doing so bad, they need to make smaller scale games first then go for the MMO’s. Thats there first mistake right there.

    I see many rookie mistakes by indies, we will never see an AAA make a snadbox, sandbox games have to small of a following, AAA’s need to make millions and lets face it , more gamers like theme park games, most indies make sand boxs not for the money, its because they love them.

    So before people bash sandbox get your facts straight, I been in the buisness long enough to know.

    Anyways, drama sucks.

  12. Yak

    @recon By people you mean me. Again with your general statements that anyone could make. When you have some actual facts, let me know. I do have my facts straight!

  13. Coolit Post author

    You told Recon He made a general statement that anyone could make.. What do you mean by this? I thought this was a place to share opinions?

  14. recon

    Not sure why Yak has make comments towards me for awhile, not sure if he hates that I get into beta’s or what, I never did anything to this person, I barely know him, but he always makes his comments, if its an issue I will stop coming to these forums.

    I stay away from drama, I have enough of it IRL, my guild does not deal with it, so if I come here and keep seeing someone making statements about me when they don’t know me, I will move on.

    Sorry coolit but this person is annoying, you invited me here and I thought this was about my own opinions and thoughs and experinces.

    Just because Yak wants me to break NDA’s and tell him stuff, anyone who knows, me knows, I’m a paid beta tester, and have been for many years, I also i’m in the game design field as well, almost have my degree so I have many ways to find new games and info.

    Anyone who knows me knows I have went out of my way to get people beta keys and info when I can, but I’m not gonna break and NDA to make a person that I don’t know happy.

    I can tell Yak likes to troll and honestly its annoying. It sounds like your jealous and immature, and you like to start fights like you did with Trekkan as well for what ever reason.

    Just because you can’t have your ways with someone… One thing you will learn, I won’t give you what your lookiing for and I will not break the NDA’s…

    Once the NDA’s break I will be happy to share anything with you guys, also anyone who knows me , knows I share what ever info I can. Wretched, Coolit, and a few others know me.

    1. Quint

      No yak i deleted that post it was nothing but rude and unnecessary trash talk. I will be honest i gave you the benefit of the doubt after you made that post on the DHV forums, but no longer. These comments are not a place to attack or “call out” other people on their points of view or opinions. If there is something someone says that you do not agree with by all means have a discussion but do so respectfully. I will not allow our comment sections to be highjacked by anyone who is simply looking for a fight or to put other people down for their opinions in such a rude manner. That is it bottom line no questions asked. On a side note if there are any more posts by you or anyone else that are of the nature of the post you made(twice) that person will be banned. Im sorry Yak but i cannot stand to let what small community we have be turned away and not want to comment for fear of getting harassed.

  15. Yak

    @Quint Again I don’t like liers, cheaters and people who ate fake! I am not harrasing anyone! I speak the truth, no matter how ugly it gets.

  16. Yak

    It’s my fault that I let recon get to me. Really, I just don’t care anymore and going to ignore him. If you censor or block me, so be it.

  17. Lasker

    Just want to say Coolit, Quint and Wretched loved your podcasts. One of those rare few that actually talks about the type of games that I love.

    Is Podcast 7 coming in soon? Can’t wait!

  18. recon

    I get to you ? Because I’m in certain beta’s and you attack me everytime I say so, and i’m not a liar or a cheater, My guild that knows me and my friends who know me know what I do for a living, I have nothing to prove to you.


  19. recon

    Sorry folks, I shouldn’t let trolls annoy me, please delete anything negative I have said.

    I will not respond any longer to Trolls on any forums.

  20. Wretched

    @yak. If you keep coming onto our comment board running off friends of the show just so you can feel good about your self then your going to be out of here real fast. this is your last warning–and yes, that is a fact not a general statement. I’m getting really sick of login on here to see what people are saying about our show and all i see is you yelling at any one who speaks their mind because they don’t have a 32 page essay about how their opinion is correct. Ah and BTW you don’t argue with facts–all you do is tell people that they are wrong and that you tell the truth. And just because you don’t like a game doesn’t make it a bad game. I know your probably hitting F5 just to see if anyone posts something here so you can be the first to yell at who ever it is. I know your probably going to say i don’t have facts to back up my general statement. I know you only speak the truth–even if your truth has nothing be BS in it telling people how much you love to tell your truth. But it doesn’t matter because if you cant play nice. then you don’t get to play at all. (thats a fact)

  21. Quint

    thats all now the topic is done and settled lets please keep the conversations about the games and the show and not directed towards other people. otherwise everyone is going in the corner including you wretched haha. but in all seriousness i want this site to be a place for people to visit and have good discussions so lets keep it friendly.

  22. Lasker

    Whew …
    Anyway, I’ll like to say that games like Eve and Perpetuum doesn’t attract all the sandbox lovers out there.

    It’s the way the skill gains using time rather than using/grinding it.

    True that this stops people from doing botting to increase their skills, but it also makes sure the newbies will not be able to be as good as those who played longer than them.

  23. Nateryl

    Those 2 games are designed very similar though. It is less about what skills you have and more about what ship you are in and how well you can fly it. So in Perpetuum you get in a light bot, get the skills that affect that particular bot, go to a beta island and bam you are having a blast blowing crap up and being an integral part of the group. Despite that your group or the enemy has highly skilled agents in heavy mechs. Very similar in Eve of course. With new players being able to contribute quickly either in a stealth bomber, or playing the tackle role in a frigate. If you were to dive into either of these games you will quickly see that it is less about waiting to become better then the next guy then it is about waiting to try out and play as a new role. Yes you will never catch up to a 2004 player but the best part is that you never have too. and you can dominate that 2004 player with some brains and initiative soon enough.

    With all that said, sign me up for the first game that actually has quality and the depth of eve but uses the more traditional advancement methods. Eve is not the only way or necessarily the best way to make a great sandbox game.

    1. Wretched

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Ever player in eve can be use full in PVP, even if you don’t feel like you can be. there is some thing that you can do to help.

  24. Lasker

    I agree with what you said, Nateryl and Wretched. I understand that the way it is designed is to make sure skill (point based) are not as important as player skill (the one where you use your brain).

    Maybe this makes sense in the PVP area of the game. How about crafting? If all crafters can be useful and create *almost* as well as the veterans, that may reduce the feeling of ‘character advancement’.

    I am leaning more towards MMO that let’s you gain skills as you use them but with a skill cap to make sure you can never specialized in everything.

  25. Nateryl

    The industrial side of eve is pretty interesting. You can dive into it very early making tech 1 products. Trick is to find a profitable market. While you wont be making capital ships like a 7 year veteran each market has its own in and outs. Tech 1, tech 2, tech 3, capitals, etc. Then each of those has its own type of market: ammo, modules, ships, etc. Tech 2 production is quite skill intensive. But once you break it down you can even get to that fairly quickly. For instance focusing your toon on making widely used tech 2 ammo can be done in a month and make you loads of isk. But being able to invent and produce tech 2 ships across the different races would take many months of training.

    The biggest advantage is that the older players just have more time in the game, more capital, and thus more blueprint originals. But getting yourself there is quite a journey and is the sole game of Eve for many industrialist. While others use it to fuel their pvp habit.

    You can start trading nearly on day 1. Slowly raising your capital and watching the market. These players are usually the most space rich if it is the sort of thing you enjoy.

    And last is Planetary Interaction. Plays like farmville in space but is quite fun to figure out a good setup that sprawls over several planets. Low on skill points and makes a great introduction to industry for new players. Not to mention a good source of isk.

    Plain and simple no mmo is so deep or so complex crafting. I have no doubt that other systems are more fun or perhaps more rewarding. Complexity by itself does not translate to better. But the whole game depends on what the industrialist make and as a result what the pvp’ers go get blown up in.

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