The Sandbox: Episode 6.5, Embers of Caerus interview.











Coolit speaks with Rob from Forsaken Studios about their new game The Embers of Caerus.


Check it out.


25 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 6.5, Embers of Caerus interview.

  1. Rob

    I should have postponed this till I was over my cold, I sound awful. LOL

    Thanks for having us on your podcast Coolit. Looking forward to visiting with you again.

    1. Quint

      Thanks for the interview man I am really excited about this game after hearing this. Also thanks for postin up on our site i hope you guys check back and listen to some episodes.

  2. Nateryl

    Wow, yet another interesting find by you guys and a good interview. Best of luck to the developers because the game sure sounds awesome.

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  4. hecate355

    i like how it sounds, the idea and general feeling, the fact that its not anywhere near reality yet, doesent really matter.
    neither do all those comments about possible and even very likely failure iv stumbled into while digging around.

    whats even more interesting, just recently i came to very similar conclusions about mmo-s and gaming. its time to put all that experience those countless games had from early ’80s til now; everything we liked about gaming and put it together.

    i mean tons of different aspects have been done right in various games, its time to integrate it into whole

  5. hecate355

    while i admit im a little bit on the dreamer kind of person, but there was a saying regarding to that

    those who want a lot, get a little
    those who demand very little, get nothing

    let it rather be ambitious than fall short befor it even gets going


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