The Sandbox: Episode 9, World of What?


In this episode we cover:

  • What we’ve been playing
  • What is a Sandbox
  • Dawntide
  • Earthrise
  • Minecraft
  • Fallen Earth
  • Kingdoms of Amalur
  • Prime

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17 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 9, World of What?

  1. Nateryl

    Figured I can start with what Sandbox means to me. It needs to be a game where myself and a group of friends can interact with the game world and affect the persistent world in some way. It also needs options to where I have multiple paths or directions I can take my character. And I expect a higher level of interaction with other players throughout the game.

    If my clan/guild can control a spot in the world and have to defend it against others then I am a happy camper. My eve online corp does this with our wormhole.

    Ok, top 5 games I can’t wait for (in no particular order):

    Kingoms of Amalur: Reckoning
    Planetside 2
    Prime Battle for Dominus

    Star wars should be on this list but honestly I just do not want to pay for another sub/box fee game. I am still extremely hyped about the game but I already know it will not be the kind of game to pull me away from my Eve sub.

    1. Quint

      great comments man. i totally cannot wait for ArcheAge also i just wish we would get a little more news about it. who knows when that thing is even planned on being released in the US.

      1. Nateryl

        That is my biggest concern with it. The fact that it is Korean made. They simply just enjoy different game designs and mechanics then we do in the West. Time will tell though.

  2. Rob

    I have often questioned why more MMO’s haven’t learned from DAOC and done the 3 faction thing also. That was actually something I was keeping in mind while working on the world design for EOC because so many people always comment on how great DAOC was because of that aspect.
    Obviously it doesn’t apply directly to our game because its a sandbox, but it’s still been something kept in mind while working on the territory systems and such.

    Great podcast guys, always fun to listen to.

  3. Lasker

    Great podcast!
    My definition of sandbox is very close to Coolit’s.

    Create the world, the tools, litter it with resources and great AI and we’ll good to go!

  4. Neg

    I enjoyed the SWTOR beta as well, and I know Minecraft is crazy and sucks you in, a buddy of mine also can’t stop playing lol.

    Lol @ Quint and WoW. I can’t blame you though, I kinda wanted to check it out. Fighting to hold back though.

    I’m a little bummed about Dawntide lagging so far. I thought that Oct. 17th patch was meh.

    And SWG is shutting down Dec. 15th, right before SWTOR 😉

    PS. The Road Warrior is the shit.

  5. Professer

    About the definition of a sandbox. Since its not a real word, the definition of it might vary from person to person. I always thought of a sandbox as a game where the developers give you tools to make your own fun in the game world, versus a themepark where the developers make you content to be played through.

    Its the most cut & dry definition of it I’ve gathered over the years.

  6. recon

    You know what was funny, Earthrise worked before the patch…… It did not have alot of those issues, it had mostly exploits issues, they had some lag in certain citys. They always had the chat lag and such but man they had so more new and old issues back. I swear I wanna bitch slap those devs.

    Now when we tested on the test server we told those idiots the patch was not ready.. They did not listen, there was only like 6 of us there testing and I did some. It was horrid, they made the rest of us leave Earthrise. I maxed out armor and weapons and left the game, I won’t go back unless they sell it, Those devs don’t care about the game at all.

    Anyways I was listening to you Pod cast. My NAME was in it hahah, Recon will not play anything!@! Close though I have to most of the time, the other times its because I try and believe in indies. Ugh..

    Rofl Dawntide combat Ewwwww, and the AI makes me laugh. The only thing I enjoy in DT, is the crafting, boats etc. Sadly I doubt that game is gonna do well at all.

    Anyways great job.

  7. recon

    I forgot to add, I had gotten my friend a job as a programmer for that game Prime . His name is Gred, not sure what he will use once the game goes live.

    No joke, funny stuff they have been using the Hero engine, which is the same engine that SWTOR is using. I’m not about Graphics at all, but Prime is way out of date but i’m sure once they make money they will take care of that. Only time will tell.

    Some of those guys worked in the industry, So Prime should do good.


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