The Sandbox: Episode 12, Embers of Caerus Revisited



In this episode we are joined by Dave from Forsaken Studios.

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25 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 12, Embers of Caerus Revisited

    1. Quint

      thanks for coming on man, its always great to get to chat with devs workin on games that we are excited for. on a side note you grow one epic stache, nice! haha.

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      1. forcem

        these fist videos are “fake” are from a game that i collaborate with called Tales of Kalendor
        the games is not exist anymore :/

  2. Nateryl

    Embers of Caerus is our perfect mmo it sounds like. Or at least damn close. Great to hear some perspectives of the issues we encounter as players from a dev perspective too. Awesome cast.

  3. Coolit Post author

    Whats up Nateryl. This will be our game when it comes out. If it wasn’t for my watching my children grow up, I would build a time machine and travel to the launch of this game.

  4. Nateryl

    I think by then I should be sufficiently tired of Eve Online, right? With 2 small kids the world goes by like it is on fast forward so 2015 will be here before I can blink.

  5. FreakD

    you guys are awesome, same way of thinking with dynamic systems as myself. I hope I will start doing something myself soon(few years I guess)…

  6. Ryan

    Got to say, I really liked this interview. The most interesting perspective from the dev that I can really appreciate is EoC’s concept of looting, being that you cannot gank 10 people and carry away 10 sets of armor. While this can work from a magical perspective, and therefore I’ve accepted it in Darkfall, the issue becomes a mechanical one. The mechanics of allowing the ganker to carry many pieces of armor unnecessarily hurts newbs/weaker players. Forcing the battlefield selection of looting a chestplate or not, for example, is a great idea. Also this would inherently address a number of duping issues associated with any game, Darkfall included. In my cast with Frank Sinatra I mentioned a player who duped tons of armor from a theyril chest. Had he been unable to dupe and carry 50 pieces of dragon, he might very well have been dissuaded from using the dupe he found and throwing off the darkfall economy/combat balance. One downside,however, is that while killing armor dropping mobs in pve, the ground will quickly become crowded with tombstones containing unwanted drops (in Darkfall I currently pick everything up not just to collect extra coin, but to clear the space).

    If Darkfall 2.0 fails to excite, then EoC definitely has the potential to be my next game.

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