The Sandbox: Episode 16, Misinformation


In this episode we cover:

  • What we’ve been up to
  • Fallout MMO falls to Bethesda
  • Diablo 3 big changes, good or bad?
  • Fallen Earth faction changes
  • Pathfinder Online outlines its death system
  • Planet Side 2 territory control mechanics Click here for video
  • Mortal Online expansion coming plus GM events
  • Small Xsyon update
  • 2 Giveaways listen for details

12 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 16, Misinformation

  1. Nateryl

    I only heard the chance to win one thing, Path of Exile key. Did i miss something? Either way, great cast and I put up a shout out on twitter for a key because that game looks awesome!

    What happened to wretched and him on the cast? I am not on the TS that much but he was with us that weekend in Darkfall crazy xp.

    I didn’t come away with as many negative impressions of Amalur as Coolit. I was digging the arcade like combat quite a bit. I definitely enjoy the art style of Skyrim more but the colorful world of Amalur was nice as well. Good change of pace. I think this is just a badass version of Fable pretty much (since fable 3 is trash pretty much). So perhaps the mmo will have some promise!

    I am also trying to get back into Fallen Earth. I am hearing good things about the faction changes and territory control. Eve still has a strenglehold on me though and the time I have for other games.

  2. Professer

    That MO expansion is tempting. The game has changed a lot since I tried it in its earlier days. I’d jump in and try it, but I’m too tied to Lineage II.

    How long would it take to get a character skilled/outfitted for a group PvP setting? If its not too steep of a timesink I might be able to fit it in.

  3. postgred


    One of the beauties of MO is the relatively short amount of time it takes to get a functioning character. The points for abilities are capped and a single toon can really only do one thing really well (being a jack of all trades or hybrid can also be fun, but will mean compromising something).

    You will find yourself leveling naturally towards what you want, if you do the things you intend to do, related activities that build connected attributes (for example chopping wood or mining will increase your strength and constitution), and read the necessary books as you can. Many of these activities can also be performed AFK or while you play another game, so you can level while playing Lineage II. Though it’s never entirely safe in Nave and you may die while AFK :b and you will occasionally have to replace a broken pickaxe .

    All of this will also be sped up by having useful support characters, each account gets 3 so something like:

    Fighter/tamer (Hunter) -> Butcher -> Armourcrafter
    Fighter/tamer (Hunter) -> Butcher -> Cook
    Archer/tamer (hunter) -> Butcher -> Bowcrafter
    Fighter -> Miner/refiner -> weaponsmith
    Archer -> Woodcutter -> Bowcrafter

    None of these combos will give you everything so you will have to negotiate with other players at some point. There are always people in towns but the easiest way is to join a guild, which is usually not very hard, especially at the moment as there seem to be a lot of new people and small guilds around and starting up.

    I’ve been playing for less than 2 months and I have a brand new guild with 5 players (separate people, minimum 3 toons each) and a guild house. That was little to no rushing, I spent the first month just trying things out on my own, I could have done it much faster.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Professer

    Thanks for the informative reply. I’m pretty sure I could fit in one character into my playtime, but I’m not sure about raising crafting/profession characters too. Being self-sufficient, to an extent, is nice in sandboxes but…

    Lineage 2 is just so damn addicting by nature. Its kinda scary. Haha… I’ll be sure to give MO another look when I get the chance. I don’t play anything other than L2 lately so I should be able to fit it in.

  5. recon

    nice cast, I been busy with SWTOR and my guild raiding… Also busy with school and building games … all the time sigh no time to even come here anymore…

    I know coolit you like indie’s and Sandbox’s like myself.

    Here is a new one, you should check out..

  6. Coolit Post author


    Feature list looks good. Too bad no screen shots yet. I will keep my eye out for this one.

    Are you still enjoying SWTard? Are you guys going to play Dawntide?

  7. Professer

    Fallen Thrones looks cool. It just seems like another one of those sandbox projects in their infancy that are years away from being anything near completed.

    Feature list does sound nice though.

  8. recon

    Having more fun in SWTOR than any game in a long time, and @Yak yes, I can’t stand playing anything that isn’t evil .

    @Coolit, depends , but we pulled it from our site, prolly not though, I was not happy with there direction and my school is getting busy, and I been put on a team to build games, so my time will be limited, if it gets worse I may have to bail on gaming all together.

    I went to school for a reason and that was to build good games, not the trash we seen in the last 5 years, but I have learned one thing, MMO’s are not popular among people at school…. Hardly anyone there is a MMO fan at all.

    You can make alot more money making smaller scale games, and keep YOUR JOB!! Mmo’s cost more to make and fail more.

    As Far as that game I posted they are in the Design/Early Stages still. But looks promising in a few years.


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