The Sandbox: Episode 17, Too Many Games, Not Enough Sand.

  • What we’ve been up to
  • Everquest goin F2P
  • Tera having some serious prelaunch issues
  • Reminder to check out all the other shows on the MMOSmackTalk netowrk
  • What we think should happen when an MMO gets shut down
  • Interview with Tible from the Shadowbane Emulator




Quint is a Starwars Nerd!

36 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 17, Too Many Games, Not Enough Sand.

  1. Nateryl

    Eve Online! Finally you guys get back into my mmo 😛 If you have a public channel that you are in let us know that way your listeners can chat to you in game.

    and today we get some crazy ass news that Earthrise is shut down. Terrible timing with the topic this week and terrible news. Sure the game was shit but I was still hoping with time it would improve.

    I completely missed out on Shadowrun. So the interview was great to hear and I hope someday it allows me to see the game.

    1. Professer

      Yeah that’s a shame about earthrise. I remember the disappointment of playing the beta for the first time after following the game for a couple years… Hopefully some other indie studio will have better luck in this niche.

      1. Nateryl

        I have to play Eve on our voice comms since I am usually out in the wormhole. A public channel is pretty easy to make in Eve. Just name it mmosmacktalk or something.

  2. Shade

    The problem with puting the code for free is that you will shut down potential customers for your new MMO. On the other hand, if it has success as free MMO, they have the rights to make a sequel, which could be very successful

  3. I Hate MMORPGs

    I’m glad someone “gets it”. I find myself on mmosmacktalk more than I compulsively monitor my various analytics for my site.

    Time for me to go record a podcast about how stupid you are because of fragmented recollections and conjecture!

  4. Coolit Post author

    Our next podcast is going to be about replying to podcasts and podcasting comments. How do cast a reply and comment on replied casts. We are also going to talk about what a real sandbox is and what games should be considered and mmo. Plus we are going to talk about free to play vs. pay to win, why WoW was the first mmo and the world ending when Yak and Ihatemmos conceive their first child.
    OR maybe I’ll just log on to a unfinished sandbox mmo and do some mining while watching netflix.

  5. I Hate MMORPGs

    Well, WoW was the first MMO that wasn’t really massively multiplayer. Hell, a 40 man raid is fewer people than Battlefield 1942, and nobody claims that was a MMO. Oh god, I can’t turn it off!!!

  6. Ryan

    @IHM: I encourage you to spend all your free time with the mmoSmackTalk network. Truth be told, you’re not going to get much more out of life than you are right here.

  7. jfgen

    Hey there, been listening to your show for 3 episodes now, I really like it, and want to give you Kudos for it!

    So for @coolit, would you recommend a Darkfall player to try out MO? Every time I listen to you I get the urge of trying it, but I keep hearing that the combat is slow so I dont know.. I know the crafting system is quite cool, which is something Darkfall always lacked IMO. So, should I try it? Will I be kicking myself for getting addicted to a subscription based game again?

    On another note, damn I do miss DF… I stopped playing a few months ago because the EU server was almost deserted, nothing happening, everyone is waiting for DF2.0 which doesn’t look like it will come any time soon.

    I am now playing Wurm to cure my crafting addiction, but I do miss something with action, something that delivers that adrenaline rush that Darkfall gives you so well…

    Keep reading people talking about Fallen Thrones, and that the only thing missing is the full open pvp, or full loot, something like that.. Maybe I should try it.

    As for Skyrim with the controller, don’t know about the game itself, but the GUI and the menus were designed for controllers and not for keyboard and mouse.

    About sucking to go max lvl on a game in a month, I don’t really play lvl based games anymore, but I guess it depends on the games.

    I remember Guild Wars, you reach lvl20 quite fast, but the game was designed for competition, which starts after you reach lvl20. You could even create a pvp-only character which would already start at lvl20. So in that game, for me it was perfect that you reached max lvl20 in a couple of weeks. So I could go to the real content of the game, fast.

    In games like Darkfall though, Id hate to be competitive in a month, but I’d hate to be useless as well, so its a fine line I guess.

    Never tried Shadowbane myself, first sandbox I played was either Entropia Universe if you want to consider that a Sandbox, or Roma Victor. Neither of them was really pvp driven, although I liked the PvP in RV. Guess I’ll be paying attention to this Shadowbane emulator project.

  8. Coolit Post author

    Thanks for the kind words. Mortal Online has a great potential and I am enjoying it a lot. The crafting is complex and will take you a lot of online research to understand it. I’ve always liked wurms crafting but the lack of combat always drives me away. You will not be able to make everything with one account in Mortal. With one account you get 3 characters and if you want to make a sword smith it will take all of them. Although with a guild you don’t need to do everything. Mo’s combat is slower paced and more realistic than Darkfall. For me there is no replacing Darkfall but with the wipe coming it’s nice to check out other games. There are a few others from the mmosmacktalk community that are going to give MO’s 15 day free trail a run. You should join us on TeamSpeak, sign up at or email me and I’ll give you the login info.

    1. Professer

      I’ve been meaning to do the trial too once the Awakening expansion comes out in… April, right?

      Will be good times.

  9. Coolit Post author

    Sorry I messed up

    Teamspeak info is
    I will be on all day today, also jfgen you will now be able to access through primeclan portal.

  10. recon

    Earthrise closing is no surpirse to me after being in CB, they seem to care and near release they stop caring, they said they had an 80 man team which I still think was a lie, I think it was like 5 or 6 guys, if you look at other Mmo’s with that size , development is slower, but atleast Jordi and his team care.

    ER’s team was the worst team I have ever dealt with and I was a huge supporter of Earthrise, maybe one of the biggest sad, that they didn’t care, but i called it they it would not survive the coming months.

    The issue is indies need to stop making Mmo’s as there first game, and make other games first then later on go for the big dog. But thats how dumb some of these wannabe hobbest are… Yes some of these people like MO getting money from daddy and think they can pull it off, MO will be offline in the next year or less as well, unless his daddy can keep supporting that game.

    Great idea’s with bad no experince…..These people need to get better talent and then bring great , idea’s, there is alot of great idea’s out there, but I hav ethe experince to do alot of stuff, but I stick to small scale games, until I meet and talk to about 5-10 other people with alot of experince before I do a big MMO..

    I plan to make one, one day, and have the idea, and even stuff made for it, but I still won’t do it , because I make alot more money making smaller scale games with 2 and 3 of us.. You can make a great living with smaller scale games like for the Iphone, and such.. Than a MMo…. Alot more work and money to make those as well..You have a better chance of losing money with MMo’s than smaller scale games…

    1. Nateryl

      No one else makes the games we enjoy playing. We are stuck with these low budget indie games. They all put out some amazing stuff with tons of flaws and usually it takes several games at once to equal the experience you actually want.

  11. Edward78

    Ok so Mortal Online, I’ve heard it has lots of bug. I am wondering how it is is it still beat? Anywhere with a decent recent review?

    1. Quint

      well it has a ton of bugs and its a pain in the ass even to install. however, i just resubbed and there are about 5 of us who have been playing every night, its been a ton of fun bugs aside. im thinking our next episode will be very Mortal Online heavy so keep an eye out for that.

  12. recon

    Mo has a great concept, but the team driving it is very unexperinced, so thats why its buggy, they have no idea what they doing…

    I wish a company with brains would buy it out, the stuff that is there though that works, works great, it is a fun game, but it gets dule very , very fast, I normally can play for a month and leave… I do check it out every so often though.

    I been testing Tera lately, its a theme park MMO, bit its not your typical Tab targetting, you can dodge on your own, and block, you can avoid mage damage and sword swings, on your own which is great.

    So far I love the PVP.. The PVE is just Ok.. So far, I plan to play more this next weekend..

    I think some sand parks fans will like it for the PVP and combat, if you have not tried, try it, so far I think that part is fun.

    1. Yak

      @Qunit Glad to hear you all are having fun with MO. I will look forward to your cast on it. I have been having a blast playing the multi-player Demo of Mass Effect 3. Maybe I’ll join you guys in MO in a couple years once they fix their game. :)

      1. Quint

        well doubt it will ever be fixed haha. mass effect demo is awesome btw i cant wait for that game, as if i need another game taking more even more of my time.

  13. MOPlayer

    People need to understand that MO is a 2 year old small indie mmo, Of course its going to have bugs still, But quite frankly its the best REALISTIC sandbox mmo there is. Which is whats keeping the player base. There customer service is flawless when petitions get answered around 10 minutes or less, We have the co founder coming in our public ts doing Q & A’s listening to the player base, They are constantly bring server side patches and fixes and rebooting and doing server maintenance daily, All in all Awakening exp will be an important thing for MO and I really do hope it works out.

      1. Yak

        @written by MOPlayer If you mean realistically crappy, then yes. It’s a game doesn’t have to be realistic at all. If you are into that type of thing so be it. I guess in a game where you have only 100 or so players give or take on one server, yes the customer service is going to be fast. LOL

        @I8MMO’s Yes, what I have heard they are going to have co-op story mode.

  14. recon

    There CS was crap when I played, I remember one of there Gm’s telling me to play another game when it bugged out and I lost 500 gold back at release, funny stuff, don’t get me wrong I understand about indie’s, but I nearlky have my degree does that mean I should go out and make an MMo , heck no, thats the issue to many knuckle heads think because they have a good idea, that they should make an MMO, which is stupid, they would get more investors or investors period if they made smaller scale games and made money to show people they know what there doing..

    Thats smart buisness and thats what Mo lacks.,..The people driving Mo is a person who has his daddy giving him the money and he has no idea what he is doing… Only reason people are playing the game because tmost sand box’s are horrid, and that one os prolly the closet thing to fun for a sandbox on the market which is sad…

  15. Kalari

    LOL I loved the talk about Robins even Frank Miller gave his Dark Knight a robin and made her a chick Kitty Kelly and yeah Damien is his son with Talia Al Ghul and he didnt know for years now the boy is his robin.

    LOL another useless fact loved the happy days reference they did the same thing to Judy Winslow in Family matters she went upstairs and never came back down its the basketball thing all over again :)

    Sorry guys I think I still want to try to give MO a chance but its really not a pretty game to me yes the girly carebear side is strong in me. I am liking my sage so much in SWTOR despite the lag issues I am having. As for MO I think its going to take guidance for me to give it more then a first glance.

  16. Kalari

    OMG Jagged Alliance I have not heard that game in so long. I loved that game using mortars grenade launchers if I was lucky finding an M class riffle with sniper scope. Ivan was one of my favorites mister Russian dude. I liked the southern drawl guy to and when a guy missed a shot id have a team mate shoot him and listen to them bitch about me being cold blooded (omg Ace was his name lol I can still hear him calling me cold blooded) Hell the game even had a Jamaican chick lmao I love your show guys you really hit my geek spots with this one.


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