The Sandbox: Episode 18, Mortal Online Guild Chat.

I am joined by Darknight and Gankz from opposing factions to discuss Mortal past, present and future.   Special thanks to you guys for taking time to meet with me.

I hope to have a follow up cast with new guests.   Let me know if you’re interested.

24 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 18, Mortal Online Guild Chat.

  1. Nateryl

    Great cast. and yes I absolutely believe that people got banned and that was the “only” time they ever cheated in the game. /sarcasm

    Never played Mortal but these kinds of events are what make sandbox games great. Glad both sides could get on and talk about the event!

  2. Lars Zacharias

    Good cast, the two guests could have been just a bit more excited/enthusiastic. They were like: ya…. hum… well. zzzZZZ.

    Other then that! Awesome!

    Greetings from Germany! :-)
    Lars Z.

  3. Lasker

    I thought the guests was good too. They had a bit of a heated argument regarding the guard-zone didn’t they? Hehe.

    Anyway, Coolit, what was the thing regarding the ‘speed up mortal online’ mentioned? Release to the public!! :)

  4. Yak

    @Coolit, I really enjoyed your cast! Your show has gotten a lot better! I agree man that you need to have a game that keeps your interest with stuff to do and is fun. Check out this little MMO, fantasy shooter. If you ever wanted to play gauntlet as an mmo with permadeath, then this is it. The death system is very cool. Check out this link You can also play ti through steam under the F2P section. My views have changed a lot on MMO and gaming. I still remember how much fun we had on his podcast. We ether need to do that again or have meas a guest on your show. :)

  5. Edward78

    So, Mortal Online sounds great, but I heard it has bad bugs also. So does the good outweigh the bad?? Any recent reviews anywhere?

  6. Edward78

    So Mortal has no map, I am not playing a game where I have to make a map in my head. At least give us a basic map, of the lands & seas so we can tell where we are, great looking world though. :)

  7. jfgen

    Great Show, really liked listening to it. I tried MO trial for a couple of hours, but unfortunately got really busy and couldn’t play more or meet up with you guys.

    I liked the overall of the game, although it looked a lot less polished than what I thought. Also felt a bit lost once I finished talking with the tutors.

    But again, I didn’t give a fair chance to the game due to the little time. I will try to give it another go soon :)

  8. Lasker

    Suggestion: Try looking at Wakfu. Apparently, it has sandbox properties.

    – No NPC shops
    – Creatures does not spawn, only reproduce
    – Plants does not spawn, only reproduce or grow from seed sowed

    See if you like it, Coolit, Quint :)

    1. Quint

      i saw one of the recent trailers for it. it looks cool reminds me alot of breath of fire and final fantasy tactics. i suppose when i get some free time between dragon age 1 and 2, mass effect 3, mortal online, and swtor i can try it out haha.

  9. recon

    Like Quint said its not hard to get around, but at first inch out to understand where to go and use land marks, you do that your all good.

    I always liked this game, I just wish someone else owned it, Henrik I just cant stand.

    Nice Podcast Coolit.


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