The Sandbox: Episode 19, Don’t Call it a Comeback!

  • We talk a little about the MO guild chat cast.

  • Is dawntide done?

  • Confirmation on Dust 514’s payment model.

  • PS 2 Free to play?

  • Earthrise sinks.

  • We talk a little Darkfall.

  • Archeage too good to be true?

  • WTF is going on with these weird ass animal mmos?

17 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 19, Don’t Call it a Comeback!

  1. I Hate MMORPGs

    I wanted to write an iTunes review for y’all, but Apple wanted a credit card number so I ripped my monitor out of the wall and threw it on the ground.

    I’m shocked that you didn’t fully explore the animal-sim MMORPG genre as a sexual disorder.

  2. recon

    I ‘m glad I did not waste anymore time with dawntide, I pretty much figured it would fail a few months in, the AI was horrid and the combat was bad…I loved the ship building and crafting, but thats not enough to hold people’s interest.

    Earthrise’s team has not cared since before release sadly, so thats enough said, honestly with being in school for game design, not many people in the field like MMo’s, and I see why, also indies need to stop making MMo’s they should start smaller first thats why they keep failing.

    Great ideas , but ideas don’t make the game… Dominus is another game to watch I been testing that game.

    SWTOR is losing subs left and right, which is Sad, I like the game still, but it shares the same forumla as WOW and other MMo’s, we need something refreshing.

    The Secret World is the Next game I will be playing, and yes some hate funcom, but a sandnbox and Themepark, mix, that is right up my alley..

    look into TSW, the crafting sounds amazing.. I only was in the beta almost a year ago for a weekend, I have yet to see it since the little I seen looked good/..Funcom scares me a little, but I did like AOC some what…Also oen of the best looking games by far.

    1. Yak

      Me and Recon agree well mostly. However, I’d trust SOE over Funcom, As Funcom just makes bad games IMO. I will be passing on The Secret World of Crap! I have stated a few times before that any MMO offering a life sub before the game is out, is a bad sign. Dawn Tide, LOTRO, and Star Trek are all MMO’s that have done this so far.

      1. Nateryl

        Lotro lifetime sub was a great deal.

        1) game is still running
        2) as far as traditional pve focused themepark games you could do alot worse then lotro
        3) The free to play conversions is really a heavily gated trial conversion. So much of the game is blocked from the f2p player. If you bought the lifetime sub the entire game is still open to you

        Dawntide never launched and you could never actually purchase it but the year sub was about the same cost of a 1 year sub. Which I expect had it launched then it would of run for. Hell if earthrise can go a year im sure dawntide could of.

        Star Trek I concede to your point 😛

  3. Nedemor

    Hi guys, could you put up the information on the songs you play during the episodes. I several times hear something that I found kind of interesting and couldn’t place. Would appreciate it.

  4. Lasker

    Looks like it is tab targeting tho.

    And looks like there is this tower safe zone thingy. Might be fun to see newbies running from tower to tower with PKs lurking about waiting for them outside the zone .. haha.

  5. Recon

    No offense but I would not give Dawntide a penny…I tested that game for 4years . they had there chance, they should of listen to there testers from day 1 instead they screwed around..

    As far as TSW, having a sandbox , Themepark mix is great, and it was a like a dream come true, Funcom, has had bad release, but Anarchy online is a great game, and they made they so how can you say they make bad games???

    Remember just because you don’t like it does not make games bad, I didn’t like it very much, but my wife loved it and it a game that still does well..

    EA is Publishing and after what I have say in beta, I’m very inpressed.. The only other game I could careless about is Archage, the rest I don’t care to much about, MMO’s are a dieing breed …

    I’m not a huge Iphone person, but the industry is booming and after making some games in school, thats where all indies should be starting out, look at Infitity Blade II its an Iphone game and its amazing…

    So that inspried me more to make smaller scale games…Amazing Job they did.

    @Coolit, you should have my link to my site


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