The Sandbox: Episode 20, Waiting for Games

  • Rumors are flying about an elderscrolls MMO announcement

  • SOE king of F2P games Vanguard finally making the move

  • Some Darkfall news trickeling in.

  • Checking up on some old dead friends.

  • Eve fanfest and we know nothing about it.

    And what we’ve been playing.

26 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 20, Waiting for Games

  1. I Hate MMORPGs

    Quint! It made me cringe when you talked about splitting up PvP and PvE into separate servers like that’s a good thing. UO’s community was awesome because it was diverse.

    Also, Faction-Exclusive PvP is a license to grief 50% of the server with no consequences.

    1. Quint

      I still think its the best way to please the most amount of people, while still having a financially successful game. Some people flat out aren’t going to want anything to do with pvp, so rather than not have them play at all just give em a pve friendly server. win win right? There will be still be non pvp’ers on the pvp servers, I’m kinda proof of that.

      With factions it is grief when there’s only 2 factions, however if you get 3 factions like the Elder Scrolls rumors are saying, that changes everything.

      1. Professer

        I haven’t listened to the cast yet, but just from reading this… A PvP game shouldn’t be trying to catre to PvE player or try to keep them happy.

        PvP games are a niche thing, and should be made from the ground up with a pvp focus. Let the PvE players enjoy a game made for them and keep it out of our game. But I guess if some carebear REALLY wanted to play a safe version of a heavy pvp game, you could still give them a server to enjoy.

        1. Professer

          Forgot to add, static faction bases systems can get… old. Player made factions would be way cooler, could work into a FFA setting too.

        2. I Hate MMORPGs

          I hate the new trend of games being labeled “PvP” games. That basically ensures that they can never attract anyone who might be scared of pvp, but learn to love it like we have.

          People should just try and make games that are fun, and stick to their vision. Personally, I think PVP and player interaction is the whole point of playing an online game. You can’t script a player encounter so they’re much more exciting than any PVE encounter.

          Sadly, people who haven’t experienced that type of game are afraid of losing control.

          1. Professer

            True. I’m not one for labels, and it is important to stick to a vision when developing a game. I should of just mentioned that it’s important for PvP to be part of the vision from the start versus making a pvp side game in what’s mainly a PvE game.

  2. Yak

    Haven’t list to the show yet, need to set aside the time. Anyways, I was surprised Massively and other gaming sites didn’t mention the Vanguard going F2P. I loved that game and only gripe, was the lower player base. I can’t wait for it to come out later this summer. I am happy with the F2P model for EQ and I assume this should be similar.

    1. Professer

      The population’s actually been pretty good for like a 6 months now. Last I was around there would be more than 500 on at peak times (500 was the max value you could get with /who). There were one or two guilds too that always had a myriad of players throughout different level ranges.

      Once it goes free it should be great… Vanguard is still the only themepark I Can still enjoy.

  3. Nateryl

    I downloaded everquest 1. But damn the UI is so old and game so much more complex. Having a hard time getting into it. I will probably dump more time into it but need to be in the mood to learn it all over again 12 years later.

    The boat comment was great. One of the things in Wurm Online that has me hooked is spending the time to make a good boat and then going out exploring. We all loaded up on a boat last week, went to an enemy server then sailed back with like 5 stolen bots.

    Never played Vanguard but I got a buddy who swears by the game. Will have to check it out at f2p. Their crafting system I really want to check out. But I hate the SOE free to play model. Far to many odd restrictions. Yeah its cool that you can sub to get everything unlocked but I hate having chat channels, races, and classes locked from you.

    I dont want an elder scrolls mmo. But…what about something like the minecraft/terraria multiplayer. They can focus on their core strength of great open ended sandbox single player games but designed in a way that a group of friends can put up a server and play it together.

    1. I Hate MMORPGs

      I think you’re right on TESMMO. RPGs used to almost all be co-op multiplayer during the golden age of PC gaming (the early 90s). If that got revived, I’d be so damn excited.

    2. Quint

      I think why I’d be so excited about an elder scrolls MMO would simply be the fact that I could play through it with my friends. That being said, it doesn’t really need to be an MMO for that to happen. A minecraft server system for Elder Scrolls would be amazing, and altogether probably the better option between the 2.

  4. Recon

    @ Quint Agreed…

    Anyone ever hear of

    Gonna give it a whirl and see if its any good, looks decent, I got invited, by the looks, its a public test..

    I sign up to so many beta and ask to test shit I forgot about some games….

    @the others talking about PVP, until a game is made by real gamers we will continue to have so so, and bad games made, but the issue is new Dev gamers, do NOT like MMo’s…..

    I was surprised to see how many people in school hate them, teachers in the industry included, so that is another reason we see less and less and until we see some gamers make them, we will continue to have trash.

    This is why I went to school, tired of the trash….that they call PVP…. Some games are decent but always missing something..

    By the way you need PVE , in PVP games, also I think some form of questing, building etc is needed as well in a real sandbox… But not that hand holding crap, we need more old school lore based questing, where you explore, and have a chance to run into people to PVP, defend area’s build guild bases, properly, not this theme park crap click this and Bam! its made, we need more skill based crafting as well…

    Some what like Dawntide, mortal line when it comes to crafting, also we should be fighting over materials and they should be spread out across the world in games NOT like Xyson , but thats 1% of my take on a game that should be made….

    I think Xyson was decent but the crafting was trash, and it had no real content, I do give Jordi alot of respect, we have talked about this stuff awhile back, it sounds like he is headed on the right trach, but he should of never made a MMO first, he should of did the Iphone thing like every other first time Developer to fund bigger projects, this is something we do in school alot and its a great experince and a great market for those games.

    I hated them until I seen games like Infitity blade 2, on an Iphone great game… So new Devs can do well for them selfs to fund a project like Xsyon, dawntide etc…

    Thats what a few of us been doing for awhile now….already have a few games near done for Iphone, I pad.

    1. Nateryl

      Yeah I will be in the Path of Exile test this weekend. Game looks great and I cannot wait to check it out. Never got lucky with a beta key but an open weekend will be cool.

      1. Yak

        Been living under a cardboard box? Path of Excile is old hat. I played the beta when it first launched. It is nothing but button mashing fest and gets boring like your typical dungeon crawler. Then again, I am not huge Daiblo fan ether.

  5. Yak

    Removed links, post got cought in your spam filter.

    Actually the F2P for EQ is not that restrictive. For the classes and races yes. However, no on the content until level 85. I know that at end game you will need to pay a onetime fee per character to use the and teir of spells. Silver gives you 1,000 AA points. I can play it for a few hours and is fun to hold me for now. I so agree with you Coolit that in EQ1, ever class does have a specific purpose.

    Hey, can you post that GW2 link of that dungeon run video?

    You need to play Realm of the Mad God! its F2P and has permadeath and is challenging. Gota love the 8 bit retro graphics as well. You can download it from Steam as well. I like that VS. playing it in a browser.

    Dude, I am so with you on Vanguard! I can’t wait for it! I just hope they don’t nerf the death system. I checked online and all my characters are still here.

    Hopefully, we can find a time that accommodates our schedules to podcast.

    I totally agree with Coolit about SWTOR. Just because you can make a single player game, doesn’t mean it will translate to a good MMO at all. I think that they should make the game multi-player of Elder Scrolls as the first step.

    I so want a polished FPS SandBox MMO would be the shit! As far as for Eve, I don’t want to be a fucken space ship!

    I totally agree with you on the price of games. I don’t think a game should ever be over 30 bucks. The average price should be 20 but that’s just me. With sites like Buy Cd Game keys anyone who pays full retail for a game is a sucker.

    Quint you suck! J/K Had to say it. :)

        1. Quint

          the vid shows that its completely different from wow. there is no traditional tank dps heal set up. dodging and rolling play an integral part of staying alive, and boss fights aren’t just do this do that stand here or there and collect your loot, its actually very chaotic and challenging. to me looks nothing like wow.

  6. Recon

    @Coolit, I like SWTOR alot, and I don’t like Themeparks, My guild finished Up nightmare modes and we are looking forward to the up and coming content for raiding, so I like to know why people think its a single player???

    People don’t wanna raid and then call it a single player, I been playing since beta and yet to play alone in the game, plenty of content for grouping, the issue is to many players do the questing and leave because they are NOT raiders, well WOW was that way as well…

    So if SWTOR is a single player game then WOW is… SWTOR is far from perfect and I can’t stand how spread out people are on servers, they need to have less servers and more on each…. Thats one of my biggest issues with it, but I like the game alot and so does many of my guildies, so to each there own.. But SWTOR has alot of Subs and is doing well still….

    Now Tera scares me, I been testing the combat is fun but teh rest sucks, The Secret World is a game I will be playing after testing, its about time we see a sandbox , Theme park mix…

    Thats what TSW is gonna be, and so far I’m impressed, GW2 scares me after playing… I won’t be playing Tera or GW2..

    I can’t wait for people to complain about GW2 so I can say told ya! lol..

      1. Yak

        @Recon Really, really really? Ether you are trolling or just being retarded. This has been talked about to nausiam in all of our podcasts. Get a clue and wake up!

  7. Recon

    Forgot to add GW2 is nothing like WOW Quint is correct… GW2 has amazing graphics, combat is fun, but the rest of the game is so boring.. If some of you hate SWTOR, you will hate GW2…. There not the same, but formula is there as well, so…

  8. Recon


    TSW could be interesting. I will play it next year after the typical year or two of a crappy funcom launch.

    Since its not the same team and after seeing beta, It won’t be so NOT worried about it…

    WOW has a horrid lanuch as well…So, it did fine.


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