The Sandbox: Episode 21, Where’s Coolit

This Episode we are joined by special guests Miguelito from, Wretched, and one of our listeners Thrazian to talk alot of crap about everything. And where the eff did Coolit go?

  • Aion goes ftp
  • Dude lays down 1.2 mil in Entropia for some virtual land

  • Details about notch’s new game

  • Shadowbane goes to china

  • Where the EFF is the darkfall blog

  • Mortal expansion laggin bad

25 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 21, Where’s Coolit

  1. Nateryl

    Fuck, I need to be on TS more πŸ˜› Since no one asked….here is what I am playing!

    Cave Story+ – super nintendo like platformer I picked up on steam. Awesome game and plays great with my pc xbox controller.

    Wurm Online – surprisingly I am still with this game and going strong. Breeding lots of horses and building stuff around the village. Slowly working on armor and Fight skill for pvp.

    8bitmmo – Did the tutorial and that is it but I’ll have to give it some time soon. 2d sandbox indie thing

    1. Quint

      hah yea man and you need to get icewind dale 2 from and join our campaign, so far its me, miguelito, thrazian, and coolit should be joinin us tonight.

      1. Nateryl

        I’ll get it installed then. Love those old isometric games. Cant wait for baldurs gate enhanced.

        I also recently picked up Avadon from the latest humble bundle. Indie game that plays similar. Decent so far although no multiplayer.

        1. Quint

          awesome man go download gameranger thats the client we use to play online i think we just got into chapter 2

  2. Coolit Post author

    I think it was Zwan doing a cover of Iron Maidens Number of the Beast. Zwan is Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins side band.

  3. jfgen

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to give my 2 cents about Entropia Universe, I’ve been playing since 2004.

    Just wanted to say that its not easy to cover Entropia’s complexity in a few minutes talk. Yes its crazy how expensive things get there.

    However, comparing EU with something like Second Life is quite a bit far off…
    In Entropia you kill mobs just like any other MMO, you mine, you craft, you can even do PvP. Its skill based instead of level based like Darkfall or Mortal.

    The main difference is that it has a real cash economy which yes, for most people is what keeps them playing. This economy is what driven into the virtual real estate opportunity and these millionaire transactions.

    What that guy bought for $1.2M has been on the Guiness record a few times for most expensive virtual item. What he bought was a virtual resort, where people pay a fee to hunt exclusive mobs, mine in rich lands, buy apartments for storage, buy shops to sell items to other players etc..

    Also it isn’t impossible to make money out of the game, I did it (very little), and a few friends of mine withdrew over 1k € on a 50€ investment.

    The game itself is very grindy, its all based on your equipment and character skills (there are very few player skills involved), and doesn’t have much teamplay involved either since guilds (called societies) don’t have shared resources, buildings etc…

    Graphics wise the game is nothing short of awesome with that sweet Cry Engine 2 backing it up.

    So, I do like the game even though I understand when people say they don’t like it, but please.. saying there is nothing to do there but getting your character dancing like Second Life..

    BTW the game was launched in 2003 with the Gamebryo graphics Engine, so I guess that makes it one of the first f2p MMO’s out there, and Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead has a castle there with mobs and items with Motorhead-related names, so that makes it cool in my book! :)

    Keep up the good work with the podcast guys, sorry for the long post, just wanted to give you info about this somewhat sandboxy game (at least skill wise it is)

    1. I Hate MMORPGs

      The only way the game survives is by more people losing money than making money. Regardless of whether or not people can game the system, it is still an unethical sham.

      I agree (as I did on the podcast) that it isn’t like Second Life. I just didn’t want to drag that out any further than was necessary. It’s an extremely complex thing (as most pyramid schemes are).

      It is a sandbox (due to land ownership/cultivation), I’ll give you that.

    2. Quint

      yea that came out a bit wrong. granted my experience with both games can be counted in hours on one hand. what i meant was they reminded me of eachother in that there seemed to be a lot of player created stuff, not really game mechanics. i shoulda been more specific. and i will agree Entropia’s graphis are pretty nice.

    1. jfgen

      I would but my English might be a bit limited for that :p

      Anyway I didn’t mean to defend the game at all costs, I like it, and it was my first true MMO experience, but I do see its downfalls and do think it is a Casino pure and simple.

      But I just wanted to show that unlike Second Life, you actually play a game in there and it can be fun.

      One thing is for sure, I have trouble to cope with the lack of team play after playing Darkfall and Roma Victor (remember that?)

      1. jfgen

        Lol now it came out wrong for me, I didn’t mean to say SL can’t be fun. But I think it is more focused on social interaction rather than playing a MMORPG based on skills and all that.

  4. Warfork

    So are you guys playing Mortal, Darkfall, or Vanguard or what? I wanna get in on the Sandbox action bros.

    1. Quint

      thats a good question haha, lately we’ve been just hangin out in teamspeak talkin alot of shit and not really playing much. we need to get on a game.

    1. jfgen

      You got in the beta? Damn you :p I got 3 ppl to sign up but still didn’t get in..

      How are you finding it? For those who really like crafting I mean.

  5. coolit

    I really like the game. It’s got a slow pace but if you like gathering and crafting you will love the game.

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