The Sandbox: Episode 22, The Baddest of Them All

This episode is another round table with Coolit, Quint, Winin, and back by unpopular demand Miguelito!


22 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 22, The Baddest of Them All

  1. luciusETRUR

    Mythic lost so much money with Warhammer Online that EA re-structured their organization and put Mythic inside of Bioware since Bioware was just making money like crazy.

    We will see in a few years when the reprecussions of SW:TOR come out.

  2. Thrazian

    To be fair, I never said she was hot – I said that “I would” – two COMPLETELY different things.

    P.S Those inmate chicks are top notch!

  3. jfgen

    Thing with games coming to iOS only is that its easier for developers to develeop for iOS first. Simply because there is a lot less fragmentation, they need to worry about a lot less devices. When it comes for Android, there are so many possibilities that makes it a lot less viable for them to develop without having the project paying itself quickly.

    About Salem – I am so eager to try it out, it looks like something I’ll really enjoy. I love Wurm and loved Roma Victor so the slow pace is not a problem. Sure I’ll miss the adrenaline and the pvp of Darkfall, but I got used to the fact that I won’t find anything like that anytime soon so.. Salem is the most promising thing for me atm.. Didn’t get the beta key yet tho :(

    About Guild Wars 2 – I really liked the first one, but I’m not sure I’ll buy this one right now, its not coming out at the same price the first one came, which is fair but still.. I guess it will depend on how many of my friends will play it.

  4. Banok

    you guys should play day z mod, its getting really popular and its totally an mmo by todays instancing standards.

  5. jfgen

    Hey you guys read on DF forums that there will be a promotion going on until 2.0 is released?

    I hope the promotion is a nice one, it might mean that I will play that game for cheap until 2033!

    1. Quint

      Nope not at all things have just been kinda crazy schedule-wise, Coolit moved, Diablo 3 happened, and we’ve been trying to line up another show with the Embers of Caerus guys. Hopefully we’ll be recording this week.

  6. Recon

    No, people still come here, its summer time, and some people that do some here are busy, I used to come here more but with school, making games, and such, I just don’t have the time I did, but I do watch them…

    Also this Podcasts has a smaller following and its growing though, so i’m sure Coolit and Quint would not mind people spreading the Word, I know I do.

  7. Troy Nixon

    Whew thank god, i thought it was dead. i check every weekend for there new podcast lol wether im hungover or not

  8. Ryan

    @Winnin: I too liked WAR scenarios. The only problem for me was the queue time, which ultimately drove me from that game.

  9. Ryan

    Winnin is right about his jelly bean analogy. That’s why I have high hopes for Archage, as it will bridge the current gap between ultra theme parks and sandbox mmos… hoping.

  10. coolit

    Quint and I will be grabbing a few beers with Dave from Forsaken Studios this Friday in LA. Shoot me an email if anyone wants to join us.


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