The Sandbox: Episode 23, We’re Back!

Finally, things are back on track. This episode we talk about hangin out in LA with Dave Belcher from Forsaken Studios, as well as some good e3 info on the up coming Elder Scrolls online, plus much more


23 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 23, We’re Back!

  1. I Hate MMORPGs

    Enjoyable. The reason I didn’t like Guild Wars 2 is because it’s basically a revamp of the Warhammer PQ system. Saying that their “pvp” is a step forward is a bit of a misrepresentation because it is if anything a step backwards to only instanced encounters.

    Spot on for TSW. It’s like they were trying to take the theme-park genre and force you to pay attention to all their boring bullshit instead of just skimming through it like we’ve been trained to do. Shitpile.

  2. Nateryl

    I am in no way excited for The elder scrolls online. It really just sounds like they are making a standard mmo and as a result it just won’t be the game all of us envision. Hope they surprise us though and it is fun.

  3. Hyip

    Haha Yeah Coolit said within a year it be Free to play. Also Arma II It is random spawn along the whole coast. But Anyways Glad to see you guys back in action.

    1. Quint

      nah i couldn’t get tix to go, so instead we just met up friday after e3 with Dave Belcher and drank to much haha

  4. Professer

    At the end: “Were there any after shakes over there? I wonder if it was a earth quake or if you’re just going through withdrawals or something”

    What?! That just threw me off cuz I’m sittin here taking a tolerance break and in opiate withdrawal. First day’s always the worst… but anyways, what was that comment about? Haha.

    1. Quint

      right at the beginning of the episode when we started recording there was like a 4.3 earthquake that was centered right near my house, it was crazy.

  5. Recon

    People who want F2P are ruining MMo’s because the communitys with F2P are trash, and to get anywhere you end up spending more then 15 a month so, todays gamers are making me sick to my stomach they whine way to much , and frankly I’m sick of it. I went to school to help make better games, but why should we make games for people who whine about everything ??

    Gamers today expect the world, I wish just one of them would make a game and then come talk..

    Not saying anyone here is whining i’m saying in general.

    I see why DEVS are doing this and soon P2P model will be gone and what is left of communitys will go down with it.. I’m real close to say the hell with MMO’s all together because of shit like this.

    @Embers of Caerus, looks like there doing what every indie should be doing and I do wish them the best.

    But with gamers today frankly I dunno because people are already hating on them with stupid comments on every forum saying its to good to be true, gamers today have way to much time on there hands and no life, they need to get off there high horses.!

    1. Quint

      Just because there is a $15/month sub doesn’t guarantee its going to be a good community, and opposite to that i don’t think F2P equals crappy community. Some examples – WoW is a sub based game and hosts one of the most entitled cry baby communities ever. EQ2, LotRO, City of Heroes, and Star Trek Online, all F2P converts have some of the nicest most helpful communities I’ve ever experienced in MMO’s. I think its just a case of the type of game + the amount of people playing it that determines the community. Seems like smaller games where you kinda know everyone on the forums or on your server tend to have better communities just because you can make a reputation for yourself.

      I am glad EoC is going with a sub model though, its just not the type of game that would work with a F2P model.

    2. Nateryl

      I also do not have the mentality that everything ftp sucks, has a bad community, and requires you to spend more then 15 bucks a month.

      One good example is Fallen Earth. A nice little indie game with lots to love. I was paying for about 4 months before the conversion and hung around awhile after. The community in my opinion was still great afterwards and hell I was able to spend less cash per month in the game after the conversion and play alongside more players because of it.

      I also have 3 lifetime subs to lotro and the f2p conversion there for the most part brought more good with it then bad. But the payment model must fit the game. You cant shoehorn it on to everything. I cant imagine it working with Eve Online or other pvp heavy sandbox games. Maybe the new earthrise devs will prove us wrong though.

      And hell…why shouldn’t we gamers expect the world from devs! It is those types of games that we crave to play. The games that come close are the ones we most enjoy playing.

  6. Recon

    About Earthrise, they are using that world, and its gonna be a sandbox, they are fixing the bugs, the combat and changing crafting, thats it….

  7. Recon

    The fact is that your brought up Fallen earth is a prime example of what F2P does I played that game since beta and after… It had one of the best communitys around hands down.. When it went F2P, it brought so many douche bags in its sick and the cheaters are all over, we had some at release but no where near as bad as now.

    WOW, is a bad example because everyone in there brother plays it.

    I’m talking most games… That went Free after they where Pay and look at Free to play games now,…. MOST have bad communitys, I test and play many, many games due to what I do, and yes there are some that are ok, and yes some p2p HAVE bad communitys but they get worse when they go free and the cheaters roll in even worse then before…

    Those are facts.

    LOTR , when I played it I hardly seen anyone, and when I ran into people they where nice and the main reason was because they came from asheron call 1 and 2 which had one of the best communitys hands down and still does. SO yes some free games that can happen…….

    ABOUT earthrise again, I doubt they will bring us a decent game, I think they are the same devs as before, well some of them… Listen to the way they talk, I been a fan of that game for ever and a player since early beat , Coolit knows that, but we have asked the new Devs what have they worked on before and they won’t respond properly with a direct anwser??

    That to me scares me because what are they hiding??? I have heard of many companies before and indies, and I never heard of there company, how do we know it isn’t MHS, with a new name, many, many companies do this to start fresh…

    They claim the GUI is done already???? I personally think they will fix the loading issue, which needed be fixed, the lag was fixed , then they brought in the big patch and the lag was back, so I’m sure that issue will be fixed, but I think they will add all new quests, with a new story, add come new crafting, but not far from what it is now, hoefully what it was in early beta.. They need to bring back ammo again.. which I doubt they will, whats funny the AH still shows you can buy it, which you don’t have to or need to, it was something from beta they never removed.

    But honeslty I have many doubts … They claim they will be ready this year, so really how much can they get done, in 6 months??? I work with games every day, and I know how long it takes to do what they do, so I doubt they are gonna change alot if it gets done this year. That game engine is full of bugs and to work with someone else code, HA good luck, its prolly a mess.

  8. Recon

    The reason you shouldn’t expect the world from devs, is because its not possible. coding is not perfect and I used to think like this as well, I went to school and after seeing what they do, I give them a shit load of respect.!

    I don’t think we should kiss there ass but gamers cry way more today more then ever about the dumbest things and expect it done in 3 seconds….. I love to see gamers even do the simplest line of code, or even the easier3D model, or even use the programs they use to make the simplest game …

    Then gamers cry when the game is 60 bucks!! Some need a new hobby if they can’t spend that for a hobby… I’m not saying all gamers are they way, most sandbox gamers aren’t, I think alot of them respect them more, but Themepark players, don’t……

    Again NOT all, MOST…… Don’t read into it to much.

  9. Nateryl

    You are probably right about Fallen Earth. But damn the game was a barren wasteland before the conversion. And their version of the f2p model is excellent so the positives outweigh the negative. In the next few weeks I plan to dive back into the game and try to get myself to sector 3. I’ll see how things are going.

    1. I Hate MMORPGs

      A toxic community is paramount to effectively emulate a post-apocalyptic future. It’s not like it really matters since the game itself is so shabby from a technical standpoint.


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