The Sandbox: Episode 24 – Ork and Beans

This episode we are joined by Winin

The repopulation Alpha video footage

Darkfall’s Welcome back promotion

  • 20x skill gain
  • $9.99 sub

A little Salem talk

Coolit and Winin talk some Day Z

We decide to all reroll Orks in Darkfall and be awesome, Ork and Beans FTW!

22 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 24 – Ork and Beans

  1. Ray Ray

    Hi guys! Fun cast! Halway in it now. just for your info, you can contact AV and say “this is my mail, what was my login?”

    (perhaps you need to provide the character name)
    This should work.

    Even if you dont use the character you can use the gear from that old char =)

    Ill go back to listening

    1. Wininoid

      I did email them, but they never got back to me. Fortunately we all rerolled. With the skill gain, I’m already far beyond where I got with that character.

  2. coolit

    I like Salem but nothing beats a bunch of Orc’s rolling into human land causing havoc in Darkfall. You should join us.

  3. Wininoid

    My dad has been on vacation, but he says he’ll join up. Surprisingly, he loves open world pvp. He’s the one who got me to try the zek servers back in Everquest.

  4. Troy Nixon

    ima wait till this weekend to restart my sub then ill be on, definetly gona be a wipe i think, hope there is

    1. Quint

      i was really hoping there would be before i started playing again, and now i really hope there isn’t one. i feel like our Orks are so close to being pvp ready

    1. Quint

      new episode probably being recorded tonight though that is TBD, just found out one of our holdings is getting sieged tonight.

  5. Recon

    Where have you guys been, every time I come on TS its dead no one is there, did you give up already on DFO?? I just got back and plan to play a bit, but I never see anyone anymore on TS

  6. Nateryl

    We are in the alliance mumble when in DFO. Cant get the info right now but just ask in alliance from within the game.


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