The Sandbox – Episode 25, The Least Effort


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  1. Nateryl

    My steam summer sale impressions for the games I bought:

    Definitely got me hooked into running through some of my older stuff on steam and I got back into Dragon Age: Origins as well. Enjoying this play through alot so hopefully I stick with it and finish the game this time.

    Ive got about 30 bucks in SOE cash for planetside 2. We do not have much to look forward to these days so hopefully it delivers.

  2. Professer

    Haven’t listened yet, but about steam sales: you guys are all valve’s bitch.

    I’m so glad I learned to not give into those sales. I’ve got so many steam games I never even installed.

    They’ve got a good team of marketers/psychologists.

  3. Professer

    About star wars: they didn’t plan a f2p conversion. That shit flopped, hard.

    And I’m jealous that you guys got to defend a hamlet with some alliance. I still haven’t had the chance to do any real group PvP yet.

  4. Professer

    Are you guys still stationed out at their hamlet/city? My alfar’s still in ork lands. I’ve only had the chance to log in and change meditation.

  5. Recon

    Most MMo’s know they are going F2P, because thats the market hell in school they already tell new devs to go that route because there is a market for it and you make more money, by the way SWTOR did not flop they made there money back and then some the first day out. They continue to be the 2nd most played MMO on the market.

    No offense but no matter how much we bash, WOW and SWTOR those make money more than sandbox’s, I wish it was the other way around, because I love them more, but those are the facts.

    Anyways have fun in DFO, sadly I won’t be back, I’m way to busy and I rather wait for there new game when it comes out. Have fun!

    1. I Hate MMORPGs

      I would never say that SWTOR flopped financially, but what they did by designing the game around a F2P model was ensure that it would never have the longevity that WoW has. The F2P model’s goal is to cycle people out after they spend what they’re willing to spend by not providing long-term content, and like it or not, WoW’s content creation has long term sustainability in mind.

      F2P is really bad for gamers and really good for the publishers. As soon as people realize that F2P games can’t be good, the sooner the free market can demand progress.

      1. Nateryl

        “The F2P model’s goal is to cycle people out after they spend what they’re willing to spend” Developers design these games in hopes of keeping subs long term. Their intentions no matter how misguided always want more cash from people that stick to a game. TOR might of failed in this regard but not because they intended to launch a f2p version soon after launch.

        “F2P is really bad for gamers and really good for the publishers” This is a blanket statement and every f2p game needs to be analyzed on its own merits. The models very so damn much from title to title that the general term f2p is completely useless. While your opinion is valid for many games on the market, it is not true for every game. For the most part having the entry barrier dropped off is good for gamers and the devs. I have far less gripes with the f2p model in lotro and Fallen Earth then I do with something from Perfect World for example.

        The bane of mmo’s is original ideas and concepts that drive the industry forward. Not rehashing the same old shit in a new package. None of our problems with the genre stem from f2p in my opinion. Hopefully with how TOR subs dropped out so fast the industry is finally waking up to this but I really doubt it. It is looking like we get a repeat next year with Elder Scrolls Online.

        1. Professer

          “Developers design these games in hopes of keeping subs long term. ”

          Funny how they spent 300m making a online single-player RPG with a business model that’s based on player retention.

          This is a side note, but does anyone notice the lack of a real ‘virtual world’ in modern MMOs? They’re mostly just content generators now for the most part.

          The vast virtual world concept is what drew me into MMOs in the first place. At least there’s still some older games that still have this (vital) element to them.

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  7. Recon

    I’m a bit lost on saying SWTOR is a single player??? I played the entire game from 1 – max, and raided with my guild, never alone., WOW is the same setup, so calling SWTOR a single player game always makes me laugh, I can play DFO alone, which I have and do all the time, does that mean I will do really well? Maybe, but I won’t get to Raid, which is the same in any game.,

    I do agree SWTOR story was more fun now than the raiding since my guild completed the content really fast, WOW took longer but we did complete the content as well. Today there is far more MMO’s than when WOW was released , WOW did really well because it catered to more then one play style and it was easy to play…. Now everyone is trying to clone it, people think why would I play a clone when I have the real thing so they go back to WOW, those are facts thats why WOW has done well and they know how to do business.

    Now SWTOR made there money and yes they did, I don’t get when people say a game flops because it goes Free 2 Play, which is where most big games will go in the long run, and they know there is a good chance it will /could happen, they make a hell of alot more money with the F2P model. Those are facts.

    F2P method is very smart when it comes to buisness heck WOW uses it, RIft uses it, they use it the first what 20 levels I think, I have not played in awhile, but they do that to draw the player in, with out it people don’t wanna spend a dime unless they get to check it out, people can say well 14 trials, well thats not enough people have lives so they may not have the time to pay for a month sub and feel like they go there money worth not everyone is hard core gamers, and some just don’t have the time as some others.

    I personally can’t stand F2P, I pefer sub based or B2P. But thats me, there are many reasons why, I won’t go into that, but what NAT said I nearly completely agree. I work for a company right now thats is making a game, and there an indie they are doing P2P, sub based, but they know that there is a good chance they will be F2P in 6 months because of the market and gamers are wanting it, the majoity that is alot of gamers like to pay as they go, those are facts, which sucks but soon enough all games with be free to play…

    LOTR, DDO prime examples of how much more money can be made with those models and others companys see it, Fallen earth even though they are smaller, APB, and FE had made more money, no where near what turbine has, because of the style of game they are, they only attract certain players.

    This is why when making a game you need to see who your gonna attract the more games, I make, the more I get involved, I have changed the way I do things and think because of the market, because in the end DEVS are in it to make money. Yes some DEVS wanna me the game of there dreams, but that dream may not make money to survive and thats why we see some indies FAIL.

    I only use the word FAIL on games off line, Dawntide, if a game has made money they did NOT fail, that word drives me crazy because if I made a game, and made 500k and shut off later, I would be a happy person because I would just make a better game, which alot of companys do under different names, thats just how buisness goes.

    Earthrise, I strongly believe its the same team or some of the same. But thats my speculation.

  8. Recon

    By the way , is anyone gonna check out Mortal online expansion that is coming out next week possible?? If I have some time, I may sub just to check it out.

    1. Quint

      Vanguard is pretty awesome check it out, the only problem i have with the f2p model it has now is that the gear restrictions are too much IMO. Other than that its pretty awesome.

      1. Professer

        that name reminds me of the time I took a whole box of benedryl — dove into the eye of insanity.

        Surprisingly I was able to walk away with something of value from the experience. It was pure delirium but simply witnessing such insanity was a mind opening experience. Anything is possible….

        Highschool was fun

  9. Recon

    To bad, I was looking forward to look for you nubs so we can roll ya! My guild will be on Darkhaven…can’t wait for W v W see ya on the battlefield!

  10. Troy Nixon

    keeps saying i enterd a invalid birthday on the guild register page, but theres no where to enter a birth date?

  11. Wretched

    To the people who are having problems with the birthday: here is a pic of the birthday field

    are you unable to see that?

    Also, after you register to JFF, you will need to click on storefront and click on ‘purchase membership’ then proceed to check out, this will give you full membership.

    after that you will be able to fill out the app for RH (link to the app)

    if your having any problems feel free to yell at coolit.

  12. Wretched

    Just talked to the Site Admin and he said he fixed it. All should be working. if you have any questions feel free to ask

  13. Coolit Post author

    Thats a NOFx song sung by Rancid.. Called Vanilla Sex. It’s on a phat records BYOB album where Rancid and NOFX sing each others songs.


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