The Sandbox: Episode 26.5, Repopulation Interview Only

This special .5 episode features just the interview with Joshua Halls, co-owner and co-head programmer for The Repopulation. For the full episode check out episode 26.

22 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 26.5, Repopulation Interview Only

  1. Ray Ray

    Excellent interview!
    Good questions and comments, but also Joshua Halls really knows what he is talking about.
    He has good insight into history of mmos and their evolution.

    I like his/their view of not letting some clans become to powerful and siege everything and destroy the populations. This happened over and over agian in Shadowbane.

    A lot of good stuff.
    Will def look into this game =)

    Nice that they went for the kickstarter, good start!

    Keep up the good casts, and please make more interviews like this.

    Also Coolit and Quint, get some darkfall vets and interview them as well =)

  2. Nateryl

    It was a good interview! Coolit and Quint are awesome at asking the right questions that us sandbox players want to know. The nation building stuff sounds great! Give us the “sex” server too!

    1. Quint Post author

      just so happens thats probably going to be the topic of our next show. hopefully we can record it this weekend.

  3. Yak

    @I Hate MMORPGs: I think that what you meant to say is that if a F2P game is trying to sell you a limited time package, that they aren’t confident in their game. I disagree, the reason companies try to sell you pre-order limited packages is to try and make money. If you weren’t such a troll, you would be more enjoyable to chat with. It’s unfortunate that you aren’t capable of having an intelligent conversation.

    1. Yak

      @I Hate MMORPGs: This is what I am talking about all you do is troll forums and podcasts. Stop putting on this act and acting like a 6 year child. I am see know that you are too dense to get through to. I gave you a chance and I can see that all you care about is griefing people on the internet. I am done with you. /ignore I Hate MMORPGs

  4. Ryan

    What recon said. Get the fuck to work!

    Enjoying this cast now. @Miguelito – I’m right RE UO nostalgia and those who dont play… but it’s more than that… like you said, the flavor of UO that you’re hard on existed for a moment in time. Darkfall has had a lot of consistency over time, and if anything has moved closer towards it’s original vision as opposed to against it. We’ll have to cast, where I will visit the wrath of my analysis on you.

    1. I Hate MMORPGs

      Keep your anal cysts away from me. I have accepted that that late 90s moment in time will never return, but people are still creating elaborate and interesting free shards that provide quality entertainment. You should definitely give a try with us. There is a healthy mix of crafters, role players, hardcore pvpers, and newbies that has been pretty damn refreshing.

      I’m not sure I can get into Darkfall the same way because Darkfall isn’t really trying to be a sandbox that way. They’re taking the easy road and providing a conquest PvP environment that appeals to a smaller group.


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