The Sandbox: Episode 26, Repopulation Revisited

This week are are joined by friend of the show Nateryl, as well as Miguelito from to talk a little smack about Darkfall, Guildwars 2, and The Secret World. And we finish up the show with a great interview with Joshua Halls, co-owner and co-head programmer for The Repopulation.

  • The Repopulation interview at 1:00:00

12 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 26, Repopulation Revisited

  1. Nateryl

    The next day I dug into why my connection was so horrible. Turns out my wife’s computer was running pando media booster from a Lord of the Rings Online beta install. Thing was hogging our mediocre DSL connection bad. The second I uninstalled it all my latency issues were gone. So sorry everyone for sounding like crap here!

    Also….I need a redo in defending Eve 😛 Terrible performance and I apologize to all the eve vets that are screaming at me during the show.

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  3. mesmo

    You might not be into the “moba” genre but regarding dota2 its worth mentioning that it might seem simple, and like other moba games, but dota2 is deep and complex. Comparing LOL and Dota2 is like comparing ludo and chess. Developerwise the mmo genre can only wish for a developer like Icefrog.

    /praise 😀

    From the lastest 1 mil dollar tourney

  4. Slaggathore

    There is never a reason to have Miguelito on your podcast again. Makes no difference how much you like him. He’s a downer and hates everything. If I wanted to hear pissed off negative people I would watch fox news. Do yourself a favor and keep the podcast positive and don’t invite him back.


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