The Sandbox: Episode 33, Face of Mankind

We interview Chris from The Face of Mankind

11 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 33, Face of Mankind

  1. Salohcin Dragin

    Awsome, FoM sounds like a “fun” EvE, so I hope I will get to scratch my EvE itch & not have to go to MS Offi…EvE Online.

    1. Nateryl

      I’ll be in this at launch Salohcin. Chris, definitely has me sold that this at least a game worth trying and it has all the features that we look for.

  2. Mkilbride

    FoM & Eve are wildly different. Nothing alike.

    So I think it won’t scratch your Eve itch. Not to say FoM isn’t good – it is.

  3. Jensen

    FoM is still a bit similar to EVE, in the sense that players can create Factions and their goal is to achieve military / economic domination.

  4. Salohcin Dragin

    I just feel to noobish still in DFO. I mean I am still easy as crap to kill & I put rose str to 63ish for a HP of 239!! Ok, the STR thing is my fault. It has been only like 3 weeks, but still killed so easy.

  5. Dagge

    I’m getting goose bumps all over when I hear Chis talk about how amazing Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion will be when it’s released!

  6. ugh

    The guy running this interview sounds very amateur and completely takes me out what’s being talked about. Painful.

  7. Grehvini Fawcid

    FOM player for years. The level of epicness this game has hit over the years is unprecedented. When you immerse yourself in the roleplay the game is super rewarding. If they were to hit the 250,000$ extended goal… wow.


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