The Sandbox: Episode 34, Four Guys One Skype.

We talk about games.

14 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 34, Four Guys One Skype.

  1. Halldorr

    Damn you guys are still playing Darkfall? I thought this episode would have more of you falling off that train. One day I’ll hop into a game with you guys…one day!

  2. jfgen

    Great podcast guys, fun to listen!
    Just one comment on Salem. The reason why it was one of the worst games I’ve played recently, was that the skilling system is horrible. So you don’t grind an action over and over again to skill it, but you do something even more boring which is looking around for a bunch of unrelated objects, study them and there you go, you become a much better carpenter..

    It just didn’t make any sense, and it completely ruin the immersion for me.. Another thing I hated was the perma-death. While it looks awesome on paper, the reality was that every player had a gazillion characters, each dedicated to a profession, so they don’t risk too much on each character. In the end, each friend of yours would have at least 5-10 characters and that also ruins it for me..

    As you said, its a game that should have been great, but it was aweful.. 1 week of it during the beta and I was back to Wurm until DFUW came out.

    1. Nateryl

      I gave the game an honest go with more time then I give most games I am not really enjoying all that much. Making it over the initial peck and hunt gameplay was rough as hell but once your town started to get going there was some potential with the game. Then…..I started to learn about the farming grind for stats from gluttony. Fuck that shit.

      1. jfgen

        Yeah I’m that kind of player that even enjoys grinding to some extent, if it makes sense in the context of the game. I can endure it in Wurm (which can be casual friendly as well), as it makes sense to me that a carpenter needs to craft a lot of wood related products to get good.

        But spending 80% of my time in game, looking around for objects for study or glutony was just ridiculous…

  3. Steve Renolds

    I’d say at least 40, a child only needs one good punch to the face to drop but i can see myself quickly getting tired if swarmed.


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