The Sandbox: Episode 36, Everquest Next!

Some Wurm Online, Ultima Online, Anarchy Online, and talk of to many other games to list

Final Fantasy XIV sucks yet Nateryl still plays and loves it

We discuss the recent news for Everquest Next and the Landmark game:

Artemis Space Bridge Simulation:

18 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 36, Everquest Next!

  1. jfgen

    So you guys are on Epic cluster? I’d join you guys there, but currently I’m focused on DF so I don’t have time to play anything else. Wurm still does stand as the ultimate sandbox for me at the moment, and I’m sure I’ll get back to it.

  2. Salohcin Dragin

    I hope EQN has full loot pvp, the world is fully destructible. Surely, it won’t be a WoW with a destructible world.

  3. Salohcin Dragin

    Hey, I know it is old, but has anypne thought about Shadowbane emulator? I would love a more recent game, but just thought about EMU. To bad they emulated SB with no changes, a few things in that game needed to change.

  4. Slaynn

    Have you guys tried the SWG emulator?

    Also, I’ve been playing Vanguard and really like it. Is love to play with the crew.

  5. Zex Dekon

    Hey. I haven’t listened to one of your podcasts in a while haha. Glad to hear Mr. Stonehill is doing good. From what i hear, you guys seem so miserable playing games you don’t want to play, except for Natryl who’s having a blast playing FFXIV ARR. I’d like to go back to playing once another good PvP sandbox comes out! Good cast.


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