The Sandbox: Episode 37, Mortal Now and Albion Later

Embers of Caerus is Dead:

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11 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 37, Mortal Now and Albion Later

  1. Quint

    Great cast dudes. I heard an interview today with Scott Hartsman about Archage basically said its coming along nicely and they are working hard to get it all translated so we can avoid things like this.

  2. Jeff

    Is there some sort of getting started guide for Mortal Online guys? One that helps you select starting race, class, attributes whatever? In the podcast you said people can mess up their character at the start.

    1. nateryl Post author

      Need to sort of figure out what you want then find the build for it in forums. Almost everything is thur/khur halfbreed, age 23, 182 height where as crafters and mages you start to use something else. Use this emulator, although it is out of date it is the least out of date:

  3. Salohcun Dragon

    I am having a hard time patching MO, first it was taking forever & then the patch file wouldn’t unpack on its own, so with that option not eorking so goo. I got the .torrent file, the downloaded it that way last night, then unpacker the patch file wu=ith winrar, started MO & the bloody thing starting patching again.

  4. jfgen

    Hey you guys got me into trying MO again, I always liked the concept of it but I couldn’t get into it once I tried it. Is your clan US only? I’d like to join ya guys, but since I’m on GMT timezone, I’ll be playing by myself if there’s no one from EU there.

    Great podcast, glad to see you guys back!

    1. nateryl Post author

      We specifically sought a US guild because 99 percent of MO guilds are EU it seems like. But the alliance is almost all European. Typically there have been a few vada guys online even in the EU timezone and they get recruited to help with alliance level pvp

  5. jfgen

    Think I’ll download the game once I get home. I’d love to get some of my DF mates with me, but I guess that won’t happen.

    One comment about your conversation about liking/not liking PvP. I love PvP, but I agree with you that one of the main reasons that DF fails is that its content is purely based on PvP. You don’t need to be a pker to enjoy a full open PvP game, its just the fact that you’re in a world where there’s danger and there’s consequences for doing things without thinking first. PvP also, as you mentioned, allows for a lot of nice player made content in the game.


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