The Sandbox: Episode 38, Return of the Quinti


This episode marks our first attempt at a video show, as well as the return of Quint! Enjoy!

Eldevin greenlight:

Pathfinder Online:

SOE Apocalypse:

Repopulation KS:

Pantheon Online KS:

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7 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 38, Return of the Quinti

  1. Salohcun Dragon

    AoC, hmm wonder if my old guy is still om there? I have to statt new for the hardcore server though. SRW emu I don’t have the SWG DvD so hmmm. Anyway coolit I am close to Vadda in MO, at Madula now. Hope to make it today.

  2. jfgen

    Nice podcast! Coolit, you need to get your mic closer, at some point during the episode you sounded really far in comparison to the other 2.

    Anyways, because of you guys I joined MO. Been pretty busy so only had the chance to play during the weekends. Unfortunately I didn’t find a clan that I could connect with yet, and MO is one of those games that you need someone to play with, otherwise it gets a bit boring I believe.

    Hope to hear you guys again soon!

  3. Salohcun Dragon

    The issues I have with MO are no ingame map (I am by Veeda & I can not find it. I look at the online map, I try to figure where to go, I just keep missing it. I wish MO atleast had Long./lat. positioning. Then the eather world, I have a hard time seeing, but enough bitching, I got AoC, gonna try the hardcore PvP server & I found a swg .exe install, so that is a pos. now. I am gonna do free AoC, so no necro, my fave class. We need a form/FB group to hang out at.

    1. nateryl Post author

      I didn’t find this an issue really. Old MO you didn’t even have the compass and I have gotten used to no maps from playing so much Wurm Online. You have to explore alot and learn the landmarks.

  4. jfgen

    AoC is not very sandboxy is it? I was about to give it a go when it went F2P, but I was told the fighting was instanced and never really heard anything about the sandbox fixtures (apart from some sort of village building?), so never really tried it.

    Is the game more sandboxy than I thought? MO is kinda the sandbox experience I was looking for, its just the lack of a friendly guild that’s bothering me so far.

    1. nateryl Post author

      Nothing really sandboxy about AoC but I have never made it out of tortage. Some of the end game stuff with sieges and the rule set on the pvp server sound appealing. I am passing on this game though for now. I can already tell by listening to the guys on comms that once you get past 20 and are staring at the grind to cap I would just quit.


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