3 thoughts on “Sandbox Extra: Coolit & Quint play the Everquest Next Landmark alpha!

  1. Salohcun Dragon

    I love it. I mean, I am not really into crafting, but if crafting is this good early in the game,EQN will be that in all the none crafting pars. I love the EQN: LM being seperate from EQN part, the carebear types can have their cake & we can have ours. :) Is their a chat room you all are in when casting? If I am around when you cast, it would be cool to jion. We need a forum to hang at also.

  2. nateryl

    When we get video casting live ironed out there will be chatting alongside it. Might be done as soon as Sunday if the software quint is using works out for the podcast side of things.


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