The Sandbox: Episode 39, Landmark!

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Eve Online’s epic battle:                                           

SOE new zombie mmo game?

UO and DAoC move from EA/Mythic to Broadsword:

Albion releases video showing game running simultaneously on multiple platforms:

Wurm Online 1.2 patch introduces wagons and crafting UI overhaul:

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5 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 39, Landmark!

  1. Lewp (aka Neg)

    Playing ESO this past weekend kinda make me was to play some AoC again. I may jump on and hit you guys up if you’re still playing it.

  2. jfgen

    ESO was a big disappointment for me. Its a very themeparked MMO and I was already expecting that, but wasn’t expecting it to be so traditional and so not Elder Scrolls. It just doesn’t feel like a TES game.

    Its a shame I never played UO, because it seems like my kind of game, but I can’t see myself playing a game with those graphics nowadays. So far, Wurm and Mortal seem to be the closest to what I want, or maybe a Darkfall with a bit more depth in crafting and stuff to do other than just fighting.

    Anyway, @Nateryl let us know if you’re going back to Wurm and build up something there. I love Wurm but I think I’m done with the Freedom cluster, want to move to Epic or so, and would join you guys.

    1. nateryl

      I highly recommend the epic cluster. Faster skill progression, skill curves (make something at skill of 40 and get a 70 quality item), and pvp. Alot of people worry about their bases getting destroyed and raided on epic with all of their hard work getting trashed. To that I say, “Why build something if there is never any danger of losing it”

      But there are some interesting things about the epic cluster that make it not as punishing as it first appears. The central island is the main place for the factional pvp but this requires you to join a super town. You cant just go build a small deed and live there. You will join your factions main pvp city and help defend, build it up, and raid the enemy. Or you can choose to start on your home factions server. You will have lots of ways to protect your base though. Hide it, build it on the opposite end of the server cross line, or build it with great defenses in an active community with city guards. The pvp home servers really end up feeling just like a freedom server only with the option to occasionally pvp and raid other home servers.

      If your on the hunt for a game just download it and check out the tutorial. Then choose the Serenity server since that is where most of our toons are. Find a village to become apart of that is active in your time zone but make sure they dont have everything complete. They will set you up with a spot for a house and then you can work on your own area and the town itself. It is really expensive to start your own deed. 20 bucks for something just you could use and more like 50 bucks for something 10 people could use.

      /end long Wurm discussion

  3. Henry


    Love the Sandbox Podcast and have been a fan since you started!!!

    I run a UO Freeshard called In Danger Of Collapsing, it based in Asutralia.

    Come take a look

    Free – no donations!!!

    Mention the Snadbox and get 10,000 gp referal bonus!!!!


    The best podcast ! Thanks.


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