The Sandbox: Episode 40, Elder Scrolls Online NDA Drops

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12 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 40, Elder Scrolls Online NDA Drops

  1. Salohcun Dragon

    ESO looks awesome. No player collision, I just can’t get over players being able to go through each other. Am I just over reacting??

  2. Quint

    While I agree that player collision is a great thing, I think ESO will be ok without it. I’m sure capturing and defending keeps will be fun none the less.

  3. jfgen

    Can’t see myself going back to ESO. Other than the simple GUI and the voice casting, I don’t think I liked anything in that game. It doesn’t feel like an Elder Scrolls, and it feels very linear. Hope you guys have fun tho.

    As for Salem, I hated that game so much that just the thought of it makes me shiver. I got a friend who’s asking me to join him and try it again after this patch/reset, but I think I’ll skip it. The skilling system is horrible and boring, and you just spend 90% of your time walking around looking for stuff to study or eat.

    About Wurm DDOS, it is a shame indeed, but the game is back now and I finally made the move to Epic. I was told to avoid the central island for now and go build a reputation in my kindom’s island instead. I’ve joined another guy in his village and while its still not living in a big village, its being awesome. The simple fact that there are occasional raids in the area and the fact that there’s other people you need to work with adds so much depth to it.

    1. nateryl Post author

      I can’t really commit much to Wurm atm but what server you on? Maybe I can get out to where you’re at and play around with the changes a little.

  4. Lewp aka Neg

    I’ll be on ESO this weekend. Player collision in PvE but not PvP was probably the smartest choice imo. Might have been too ridiculous with the zerging in PvP.

  5. Jfgen

    I’m on MR home server, so Desertion I think. I’m east of the lake that’s north of the starting area. I’ll be away for most of the weekend, but I’ll try to find out the exact location.

    1. nateryl Post author

      Oh, I am on Serenity. so never mind then. I will try to hop in and check out the patch for an hour or two so I can talk about it on the next cast.

  6. jfgen

    Yeah do that. The new crafting UI is by no means perfect, but it is really good and improves the game a lot. The map is always nice, even being a plane map with anotations. All in all you can feel that Wurm is still growing and getting better. It’s also nice to see that the comunity seems to like the devs a lot, and that is a nice change from Adventurine.


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