The Sandbox: Episode 41, Elder Scrolls PvP

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12 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 41, Elder Scrolls PvP

  1. Ragnarokdel

    Darkfall UW was abandonned just like Darkfall was. It’s a good thing for DFUW but not for Darkfall.

  2. Lewp aka Neg

    Good beta weekend. Wish I coulda pvped with y’all, but I was busy figuring out which class I’ll want to roll at launch.

  3. jfgen

    Did any of you guys try out.. *sigh.. Salem after the update and reset? Got a friend of mine who somehow likes the game and keeps telling me to go back, but I haven’t got enough alchohol at home to login again. Was wondering if any of you tried it and has an opinion?

    I heard there was a shift in command and someone else is working on the game and/or there’s more freedom for devs, but I don’t think that game has any salvation unless they completely revam the skilling system.

    I keep on enjoying Wurm, dreaming about going back to MO and finding a nice clan, and wondering how Albion is going to be, can’t wait to try that one.

    1. nateryl Post author

      If only you were on comms while I logged back into Salem again.

      …Fuck that game. Seriously, what a colossal massive pile of steaming shit! If someone wants 5000 silver there and has some in game money in any other sandbox let me know. I would love to trade.

      I waited a full 30 minutes to eat one chestnut. They put in a system with this relaunch that is similar to an energy system in a facebook game which I guess is their method of slowing down the skill progression. No thanks, I am done with it forever.

  4. Bishop

    You guys were mentioning that Albion Online didn’t have many things for non-pvp’ers to do. While that is true for the most part, it may be unfair to gauge the severity of that at this point. The CEO said in their forums that for this next alpha, expect to see only about 5% of the PvE creatures available that are planned for release. It will only get better and better after beta starts. They are just trying to nail down core functionality at this point mainly.

  5. Coolit

    I hope they add more PVE. I can’t see them having enough content for a non pvp’er to keep interested. Then again I don’t give a fuck about non pvp’ers.. lol They have plenty of games to play.

  6. Bishop

    Oh yea, I used to be a UO counselor back in the day on Chessy. We could do some cool stuff. You could squelch people that were making racist comments, etc. You could jail people but that was a very last resort. You could teleport to places only admins could see. There was this huge pirate galleon type ship that we took smoke breaks at underground in a closed off cave. There were other places as well. Helping people was rewarding but some douche bags ruined it all when they wanted back pay for their services and sued. The counselor program got shut down so fast, it was like, bam, hand in your shit, done.

    There were other volunteer and paid positions as well, Elders, Counselors and Seers, etc. ran all the special events and weddings. GM’s had red robes with hoods, Counselors had blue, Seers and Elders Green and Yellow maybe, can’t remember. Anyway, not sure how much the counselors will be doing now with events but glad to see them return. Not going back, the game is still pay to win and has changed too much. If they did a old school rules server with no item insurance, I would sub again.

    1. nateryl Post author

      We will. I played the combat prototype with the devs one evening and we had a blast! Combat was fast as hell and required a ton of skill. The new trailer looks awesome too.


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