The Sandbox: Episode 42, Eve of Albion Online’s Alpha

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10 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 42, Eve of Albion Online’s Alpha

    1. nateryl Post author

      I dumped what time I could into it but I had a very busy week and kids this weekend. Think I got in 6-8 hours in only and to tier 3 stuff with just a bit of pvp. The new additions are very nice! Some UI tweaks that help it alot but still more are needed. The new player housing is cool since you can actually enter those buildings.

      The more I play the game the more simple it seems. This is not really a bad thing but perhaps there isn’t as much complexity there as I once thought. They nail down “fun” though and if shadowbane and ultima online fucked this would be their baby. A smooth performing and well polished alpha as well!

    1. nateryl Post author

      We are all very excited to get back into PWI. I love me some grindy generic fantasy Asian themeparks with horrible cash shops.

  1. jfgen

    I haven’t tried PWI in some long years, but when I did, it was really just another wow clone, maybe it changed over the years.


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