The Sandbox: Episode 43, Gnarly News


Welcome to this headline heavy edition of The Sandbox!

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9 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 43, Gnarly News

  1. Salohcun Dragon

    The new UO client sounds good, I tried UO before, but the graphics made my eyes go OMG look away. Plus when it was crowded in areas, it was hard to see.

  2. Lewp

    Good cast. Definitely been playing a lot of ESO. Pretty tempted to buy Dark Souls 2 for PC. Just need to find out what type of multiplayer it has…

    1. Quint Post author

      I think the multiplayer of Dark Souls 2 will be like the first one. Ability to hop in and out of random peoples games. Hopefully there will be an easy way to hop in with your friends though.

  3. luciusETRUR

    Hey, why you laughing at CK2? Most sandbox grand strategy game company there is makes that game. You definitely should try it out sometime and see how wrong 4X genre is.


  4. Thrazian

    Awesome I’m famous! Since I moved to London haven’t had a chance to play anything at all. Got bored one day and loaded up a bunch of games, but couldn’t really get my attention for more than 5-10 minutes. Hopefully get some time freeing up in a few months, will hang with you guys then!

    Podcast is still great though – keep it up.

  5. Coolit


    To be fair I’ve never played CK2 and because of your comment I looked it up on Steam. I would like to try a 4x game but that one does not look interesting to me. Can you recommend another?

    1. Thrazian

      Galactic Civ 2 (probably the best – Nate played it as well)
      Civ 4 (harder) or 5 (easier/streamlined)
      Alpha Centauri (old school)

      1. nateryl

        Alpha Centauri is still my favorite and is on I will fire it up for a Saturday gaming session every few months.

        Galactic Civ 2 is definitely the best 4x if you ignore the ship building. Building your own ship is cool for about an hour then I was over that part. If you wanted a newer sci fi based 4x game you could go with Endless Space but Galactic Civ 2 is far superior.

        Civ 5 is probably the one to get though for a new player to the genre. Very streamlined, fun, with great strategic combat.

    2. luciusETRUR

      Well Paradox doesnt develop 4X, they are different in a few ways. They are specific time periods so the games are able to have more specific features like managing royal families in CK2.

      Theyre definitely not interesting to look at, and have a huge learning curve.


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