The Sandbox: Episode 44, Who quits FoM or UO First?

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7 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 44, Who quits FoM or UO First?

  1. Lewp

    I saw that ArcheAge video, and it was pretty cool until they showed some of the pvp. Oh god, it looks horrible.

  2. Salohcun Dragon

    It is still Alpha, so there is hope for inprovment. I did think the costume thing was a bit odd. I think Black Desert is amazing though.

    1. nateryl

      Translation is alpha. This is a fully released game in Korea. Combat in ArcheAge is tab/target so all of you that obsess over action combat systems will be dissapointed no matter what it looks like.

  3. Salohcun Dragon

    Tab target, god MMORPGs are becpming to “easy win”. MO maybr a bit tough, but they seem to be sticking to a skill based syste,.

    1. nateryl

      Since when does tab/target = “easy win”

      Many action rpg’s and action based mmo’s actually dumb down mmo mechanics and strategy. They become click/spam fests with only a few options at any given time to fire off skills. This is not always true of course.

      Age of Wushu for example is tab/target and offers a very skill based pvp system. Where as something like Neverwinter is action based and combat turns into a snore fest with horrible pvp.

      ArcheAge could very well have terrible pvp and that could be a result from uninspired tab/target mmo combat but we will have to actually play this game first to find that out.

    1. nateryl

      We are not game designers. I am pretty sure if left to our own ideas games would turn out to be total shit with no one playing them. There are a ton of quality sandboxes to play right now with more to launch soon. Even older buggy games like Mortal Online now have enough polish to provide a decent experience.


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