The Sandbox: Episode 48, WildStar Woes


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10 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 48, WildStar Woes

  1. marvin

    been listening to you guys for a long time now, always enjoy it, keep up the good work. See you in any sandbox !

  2. ryan

    Just listened to this cast… havent listened to gaming casts for awhile, let alone gamed. How dare you guys! Making me want to buy into that Archage Founder pack.

    1. Nateryl

      I meant to play this at launch. I am instead playing……..Minecraft. I seriously cannot open up anything else but this Feed the Beast mod pack at the moment.

  3. Brett

    Hi – I just started with Archeage. Early days, I’m only level 8 but so far quest to quest seems like the only way I can advance at a decent rate. When does the sand come into it? Am I doing it wrong?

    1. Nateryl

      You should be getting a farm soon which is probably the first sand part. Level 12 is the glider which helps open up traversing the game world a bit. Level 10 you have all 3 skills and able to play around with your class more.

      Use your farm to get a boat and then either fish, explore, or pvp (at lvl 30).

      In the twenties and definitely by level 30 you will feel like your in a great sandbox game with tons to do and lots of things you are working to accomplish. Grinding quests is still the fastest method to hit 50 but if your into farming you can slow down and use your LP to get most the levels. Otherwise rush to 50, figure out a good pvp build and go hunting in the oceans, halcyona, or join a big guild and do the siege stuff. If pvp is not your thing you work your farm, crafting dailies, dungeon runs, and try not to die on Trade runs for gilda stars. Really as long as you don’t go full pirate you can do all of the above.

      1. Brett

        Awesome info – thanks!

        I don’t know that I’m into the PvP as much as you guys but I’ll certainly be a friend to you all if we ever meet. Character name, Zow.

        Time to get levelled up!


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