The Sandbox: Episode 49, Playing Catch Up


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  • We’re back from a little break and shaking off the rust.
  • This episode we talk mainly about what we’ve been up to over the last month.
  • Also we talk the recent Steam Summer Sale.
  • Das Tal has secured funding and begun testing:

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One thought on “The Sandbox: Episode 49, Playing Catch Up

  1. Salohcun Dragon

    The prob. with MMORPGs, is most people must think ok it must be Massively Multiplayer in the co=op sense, why else do people cry about “oh X player killed me”? Why is balancing such a big pain, I mean ok there is some thought that has to be put to it. Why is it so hard though, this weapon or spell does +slashing/fire fill the ______ this armor guards against _____ type of damage, the answer is so easy, but almost no dev. can seem to think of it. Or maybe the reason is they cave to the pansies for more $$. Eve has a alright system, they have factions, but it is really open PvP. If we must cave make it a system more like that high sec/low sec/null. Just add it to something besides MS Office.


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