The Sandbox Podcast: Episode 51, Sandboxing


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In this episode is loaded with tons sandbox conversation. We cover everything from the launch of ArcheAge, new things coming to Mortal & Darkfall, as well as a big birthday for Ultima Online.

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3 thoughts on “The Sandbox Podcast: Episode 51, Sandboxing

  1. Salohcin Dragon

    Well EvE has a good system for carebears (High sec) & hardcore PVPers (Null sec). The prob. with that game is it is a MMO version of a space sim mixed with MS office. LiF does sound awesome, I forgot about that game until I saw a comment on Ihatemmorpgs. As for DF; UW it sounds good, freely placeable towns would be cool, but oh well. I want the wolf not to look like s/he steped out of a UFO though.

    Carebearism, ACT now to prevent it. Anti-Carebear-Taskforce

    1. Salohcin Dragon

      I did want to check in on MO, but am getting a issue with it freezung while patching. Almost 100% when it happens, someone on another forum said dowload the new client. I will try that. I am wondering about the DF: UW change also, but the wolf model is just shameful. When Elite Dangerous comes out, that may get a try.


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