The Mortal Sessions #1


I am joined by Tehmudjin, Vaereir and Pluro to discuss Mortal past, present and future.   Special thanks to you guys for taking time to meet with me.

I hope to have a follow up cast with new guests.   Let me know if you’re interested.

13 thoughts on “The Mortal Sessions #1

    1. Vaereir

      Also, I suggest torrenting Mortal Online. The patching system is horrid and torrenting is quicker and more efficient.

  1. Vaereir

    I enjoyed doing this podcast.

    Also, If you’re having trouble with the game ( Whether it be launching it, running it, etc ) Head over to the Mortal Online Forums and make a forum account and read through the Commoners Questions and Answers.

    Or simply message one of the GM’s on the forums for help!

  2. MortalPlayer

    Really nice format, do you do this style often? I’d be interested to listen to you interview players from other games.

  3. Salohcin Dragon

    I am hoping to find Coolit’s group in MO to get invited to the guild for some people to play with, I am no great player, but I hope to help if I can.

  4. Arfy

    Sorry to Pluro about taking the bow business from him in bakti 😛 .
    I agree with Tehmudjin when you start the game just wander off and explore on your own and dixcover stuff it is soo much more fun .

  5. Raldor

    Great podcast! You guys convinced me to give the game a try, even though I’m not typically interested in this type of game.

    One question – you emphasized the fact that there is a definite right and wrong choice during character creation…. so what should I choose? I want to avoid being perma-gimped.

  6. Raldor

    Thanks for the advice. Now I have a stupid question. The guide says to pick this during character creation:

    “Half-breed Khurite Khurite”

    I chose a human, but the next step has choices for all 4 grandparents, 2 parents, or pure blood. At that stage, I don’t understand what I’m supposed to choose. Is it Khurite for both parents? If so, I don’t understand the half-breed reference.

  7. Vonlin

    I’m giving mortal a try after listening to these. I’m a big sandbox game fan and love EvE online, so I am okay with steep learning curves. I know Coolit always complains about other games holding players’ hands too much but as a newbie to Mortal it seems Mortal takes it too far in the other direction. Being in the game for the first time is so confusing and figuring out what you can/want to do. I know the appeal of the game is you can just explore and discover what is possible. But I think there is a difference between a game not holding a player’s hand and empowering a player to understand the mechanics and possabilities. I spent my first six hours reading, googling and browising the forums. Sure doing research can be fun, but it would be nice if the Moral introduced a bit more.

    My point is this. For the next mortal session cast, if you guys want to really encourage new people trying the game, can you really drill down into the specifics for new players? Perhaps suggestioins and tips for your first week in the game day by day almost?

    P.S. The slow speed of a brand new character and lack of stamina is a huge pain. Sure its nice to give you incentive to level up the right skills/attribtues to improve it and make you want to get a mount. By starting out at the speed of a turtle who gets winded after a few paces of spriting is just not fun, period.


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