The Mortal Sessions #2


I am joined by Tehmudjin, Quint and Otonashi to discuss Mortal past, present and future.   Special thanks to you guys for taking time to meet with me.

I hope to have a follow up cast with new guests.   Let me know if you’re interested.

4 thoughts on “The Mortal Sessions #2

  1. Vonlin

    I’m giving mortal a try after listening to these and over all I think the game has a lot of potential. I’m a big sandbox game fan and love EvE online, so I am okay with steep learning curves. I know Coolit always complains about other games holding players’ hands too much but as a newbie to Mortal it seems Mortal takes it too far in the other direction. Being in the game for the first time is so confusing and figuring out what you can/want to do. I know the appeal of the game is you can just explore and discover what is possible. But I think there is a difference between a game not holding a player’s hand and empowering a player to understand the mechanics and possibilities. I spent my first six hours reading, googling and browsing the forums. Sure doing research can be fun, but it would be nice if the Moral introduced a bit more things. Hate on WoW all you want, but it’s so popular and successful because player’s can jump in and start having fun right from minute one and at the end of the day the goal for player’s when they sit down to play a video game is to have fun.

    My point is this. For the next mortal session cast, if you guys want to really encourage new people trying the game, can you really drill down into the specifics for new players? Perhaps suggestions and tips for your first week in the game? Really going over mechanics in a way that someone brand new can understand?

    P.S. The slow foot speed of a brand new character and lack of stamina is a huge pain. Sure it’s nice to give you incentive to level up the right skills/attributes to improve and encourage you want to get a mount. But starting out at the speed of a turtle who gets winded after a few paces of sprinting is just not fun, period. Also, not much can be done for it, but I wish the game was a bit more polished, the UI felt a little clunky and I resized my resolution which resulted in the green starter arrows and menu text misaligning to the side of my screen on top of other text. Hopefully they can increase the production value with time as the game gains in popularity. Like I started with, overall I’m looking forward to spending more time in the game, these are just my first impressions as a noobie. FYI my character name in game is the same as this comment if anyone wants to add me!

  2. Ranph

    I love both this podcast and the first one in this series. When might we see more podcasts on Mortal Online. Also have you ever thought about doing an episode or two on Fallen Earth?

    ~ Ranph

    1. Quint

      Every once in a while Coolit will go on a deep Fallen Earth binge and it will feature prominently in the following episodes, hes actually probably due for one pretty soon its been a while.


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