The Sandbox: Episode 54, Exploration EVE

This episode features discussion on EvE online, Mortal, Tera, Last of Us, and more.

Also for some reason on the video the sound for the first 30 minutes is kinda messed up. Dunno why it just happened.

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6 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 54, Exploration EVE

  1. Salohcin Dragon

    Ok, Coolit you are right about MO. I just get annoyed at times I get lost, I have the map & look at it. I just like knowing the games I play, oh & how is EvE now I played many times just never could get into it?

  2. Thrace

    Nice podcast gents.

    Wanted to correct Nate on something. The new data and relic sites in all space (high low null and wh) do not have any rats in them what so ever, traditional anoms and sigs still do, but the hacking mini game stuff in data and relic sites is totally clear of Rats, you just have to watch out for players dropping in as well and killing you in any space outside of high sec.

    In wormhole space you’ll find pirate faction data and relic sites (not sleeper sites) that are equivalent to null sec Sites in terms of loot. These have no rats in them,


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