The Sandbox: Episode 58, What I did on my summer break

Show Notes:

  • Quint and Coolit visit E3
  • Mortal Online
  • Ark
  • Shroud of the Avatar
  • Project Gorgon
  • Pathfinder Online
  • Destiny
  • Skyforge
  • ESO on PS4
  • Planetside on PS4
Theme Music: “Mechanolith” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

5 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 58, What I did on my summer break

  1. Salohcin

    SOTA does sound interesting, I watched a few LiF vids & it looks cool, so sucky I couldn’t log onto your server when you had it… I am with Coolit on EvE, it looks awesome, but just can’t get into it. tried many times, but if it had WASD controls it would maybe pull me in & keep me… Mortal has some awesome stuff, but a few things could be ironed out, the magic revamp sounds like it could be cool the gathering system in LiF (cut down a tree & saw it into a log, etc) seemed cool, the whole gather/craft system basically. just put that in Mortal (keep the experiment [art in Mortals crafting & it would be a better game I think…

    1. Nateryl

      Good thing for you, Eve now has WASD controls. Drop the bullshit excuses and play a real sandbox for once.

      Oh and it has a map….

  2. Coolit Post author

    Not sure what to think of SOTA at this point.. I will play it just not sure if im buying into the property. Mortal is going strong and always looking for more people.

    1. Salohcin

      MO is fun, but I hate the feeling of not knowing where I am… LiF looks great, but I like how MO crafting has no recipes & you have to experiment, a few things are a bit hard to pin down, like what the eat to get a stat back up… If LiF had magic, it would prob. be the perfect thing… You guys going to LiF at release? I so want to love EvE, I tried many time & can’t get into it… Interested to know what the magic revamp brings…


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