Darkfall New Dawn Interview

Coolit talks to Marc, the ceo and lead designer of Ub3r games. Ub3rgames are negotiating with Aventurine in order to create a new version of Darkfall Online   We talk about what they are doing as well as  sharing stories of the glory days of Darkfall.

For more information check out their Website

I found their guided tour through the site very helpful,  Start Here

9 thoughts on “Darkfall New Dawn Interview

  1. Marc Thompson

    Thanks again for having me.
    This was a cool experience and I hope people out there will be interested by what we have to say.
    I’ll come back whenever you want, just as a gamer or as a dev. 😉

    1. Quint

      Thanks for doing the show man, I for one am really looking forward to the progress of this project, and can’t wait to step back into Darkfall as it should be!

      1. Marc Thompson

        We’re looking forward to playing again too.
        Even the vanilla version will be amazing to play, just walking in the world again will be emotional.

        Ho and next time, I’ll try not to make you guys wake up a Sunday morning so we can be more on the show. 😉

    1. Marc Thompson

      It will not be emulation. We are actually trying to get an official exploitation license.
      The final deal is not signed yet, but we will have the source code and the legal rights to run a server.

      Darkfall: New Dawn will be launched and managed as a product.

  2. ryan

    Guys, great cast! Makes me yearn for old Darkfall! Really looking forward to watching the evolution of this project. Best of luck, Marc!

  3. skibba

    very interesting talk, hope to hear some news via podcast soon since now they are really on for it with the successful licensing :) thx to coolit and marc


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