The Sandbox: Episode 59, Games Games Games

Show Notes:

In this episode we get all caught up on the many, many games we’ve been dabbling in. We also take a look at a few prospects we are excited for including Black Desert, Hero’s Song, and Conan Exiles!


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3 thoughts on “The Sandbox: Episode 59, Games Games Games

  1. Salohcin

    The sad thing is there is no MMORPG with it all, one has great combat, one has great crafting & one a great skill system… I have a few ideas, if anyone wants to hear, a forum just to talk about it world be awesome to talk about it on… great vid. & I agree, messaged him wanting to talk, nothing… So what ever, but if anyone wants to talk cool…

  2. Salohcin

    Combat Mortal Online (Haven’t played Black desert)
    Crafting Mortal Online (for the make a unique item/weapon/armour) & like is Life is Feudal looks good.
    Gathering Chop down trees , dig a mine, etc)
    Darkfall Online the magic system seemed cool & the world might be a good one…
    Shadowbane build anywhere…
    Graphics don’t need to be OMG, MO has fine graphics IMO, full loot of course & it would need $$, so maybe what MO does & make it where a guild/player can make a image to send in, then if it is ok they can pay to have it in the game for a banner or/& to be put on a talbart (what are they called MO has them?) so you can wear a logo…


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