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The Sandbox: Episode 31, Eve of the Unholy War

We cast live the day before the launch of Darkfall Unholy Wars.

The Sandbox: Episode 29, We are back!!

After an extended break we are back with an all new episode!!


DeepWorld Interview

We have been on a bit of a break, but I can across this game and thought I would share a quick interview.  This game is only for the Ipad and Mac at the moment but will be out on the Iphone and pc soon.


We will return with our normal casts as soon as the NDA is lifted for DFOUW.



The Sandbox – Episode 28, Quints Special Purpose.

This episode we are joined by Winin, Scribble and Nateryl.

  • Discussions on what we’ve been playing
  • Life is Fuedal
  • Utima Online
  • Salem
  • Chivalry – Trackball???
  • War Z
  • Darkfall Unholy Wars – We found out the next day that the game was pushed back to 12/12/12
  • Rocksmith
  • Xsyon

And much, much more.

The Sandbox: Episode 27, Unholy Wars

Darkfall Unholy Wars

This episode we are joined by Winin from Nerni and Friends for an EPIC almost 3 hour long cast.

  • Discussions on what we’ve been playing
  • Planetside 2 – Beta talk
  • Utima Online – 15th Anniversary and a new King
  • Guild Wars 2 – PVP
  • Chivalry – What it is, and beta talk.
  • Our new mumble server, check it out!
  • Darkfall Unholy Wars – We go over a bunch of information from a post by, its a massive list so be sure to check out the post for further details.

The Sandbox: Episode 26, Repopulation Revisited

This week are are joined by friend of the show Nateryl, as well as Miguelito from to talk a little smack about Darkfall, Guildwars 2, and The Secret World. And we finish up the show with a great interview with Joshua Halls, co-owner and co-head programmer for The Repopulation.

  • The Repopulation interview at 1:00:00