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The Sandbox Podcast: Episode 111, The Console Conundrum

On this episode

  • Space Engineers.
  • WoW.
  • Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Coolit’s console dilemma.
  • Monster Hunter World.
  • Final Fantasy talk.
  • Dragon Quest V.
  • Darkfall: New Dawn.
  • Book –¬†Gamer For Life
  • Eve Online – Jump changes.
  • Tera – Console testing 3/9 – 3/11.
  • Funcom working on new game.
  • Question of the Week.
    • What is the last¬†MMORPG that held your attention beyond 3 months? How long ago was that? Is there anything an older game or perhaps one on the horizon can/should do to change player retention?




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