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The Sandbox: Episode 26.5, Repopulation Interview Only

This special .5 episode features just the interview with Joshua Halls, co-owner and co-head programmer for The Repopulation. For the full episode check out episode 26.

The Sandbox: Episode 8.5, Repopulation Interview.








We sit down with the Developers of Repopulation.


The Repopulation is a Science Fiction Massive Multiplayer Online Role Player Game by Above and Beyond Technologies. You begin your adventure as a second generation clone colonist on the planet of Rhyldan, with mankind on the verge of extinction, and in the midst of a civil war.


The Sandbox: Episode 6.5, Embers of Caerus interview.











Coolit speaks with Rob from Forsaken Studios about their new game The Embers of Caerus.


Check it out.